Road To Forgiving People

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    Many of us would have gotten hurt. People would have wronged us in the past and it would have dramatically changed or affected our lives in some way we would never have ever imagined. It hurts us so badly we sometimes choose to hurt them back, plot evil revenge or harbour resentment or grudge against them. Somehow life goes on with each passing day and despite many things that life has to offer, we are entangled in the past, unwillingly choosing to dwell on the not-so-nice events in our lives and continue to hurt people who have made us feel miserable. We all know that trying to hurt someone constantly through our minds doesn\’t do any good and in fact, it makes us feel so negative about our lives. So we learn to let go.    
       Trying to let go of our past is actually one step closer to what we call the act of forgiving. With or without our realization, we tend to discard the grudge we had on the people in our past when we decide to let go of something. But that is not something very easy. Today, we see the good side of us, happily letting go of the past and some other day sooner or later when some event that is related to our bitter past hurts our emotions, we quickly shift back to the state of hurting them in our thoughts. Sometimes, this can be really torturous as we are travelling back and forth in the effort to move in. 
      So, forgiving is the way to be happy and project our lives ahead into positivity and the real challenge lies in materialising it. How is that even possible?

1) Make The Best Lesson Out Of Hurtful Events 

        You can\’t forgive someone so easily for what they have done to us. This is pretty common and it\’s normal to feel so. At the same time, you can\’t dwell on what has happened and refusing to see the goodness in life. One way someone would let the past go completely is when they have really moved on in life and achieved so much that when they look back to the road they have travelled, the events that have hurt them so badly do not touch their emotions any more. 
        Take this as a chance to really work hard to do what brings happiness into your life. Discover what are your life\’s desires and what you are good at. Make effort to turn your dreams into reality. Go as far as you can and embrace all the good things life has to offer. Never settle for something that is not satisfying your quest to dream and achieve. By doing this, you will give yourself a chance to say that you have turned a disastrous incident into a stepping-stone in your life and you will let go of your past and the people behind it. 

2) Discover Activities That Helps Combat Negativity

          In the midst of feeling so good about how your life is changing and being excited about it, sometimes you do fall back into the negative thoughts. If you don\’t do anything to combat these thoughts, it will eventually drag you in it for the rest of the day. So, as soon as you discover that something is pulling you back from feeling good about a brand new day, pause your work a while and quickly get yourself to do something that helps you combat negativity. It can be anything like hitting the gymnasium or reading self-empowerment book or meditating. Discover what helps you the most in times like this which will be the best remedy to get you back on track. 

3)  Leave It On Karma

          There will always be a constant need for revenge people who have wronged us. There is something called karma, or nature\’s way of serving people with what they deserve. We often neglect this fact and continue to take the responsibility of ensuring them getting punished for their deeds. One best relief we can get is by having faith that karma will do its work. Trust in God and tell yourself you don\’t have to burden yourself with resentment as nature has its way to deal with every good and bad people do to you, and vice versa. If you are lucky enough God will let you watch it! 
Let the past be the best teacher and plan the future with life\’s lessons. Good night everybody! Wake up to a better morning! 
What do you think about this post? I welcome your thoughts and views!
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3 thoughts on “Road To Forgiving People

  1. You make some really good points about forgiveness Jasveena! Forgiveness is a gift from God to accept for youself and then to give to others. We should recognize that we are all capable of evil or at least meanness, and we are all in need of forgiveness at some time. Thanks for commenting on an important part of life!

  2. Thank you very much for your time on my blog!! Exactly, sometimes we forget that we tend to carry heavy baggage of grudges and resentment, and we forget to let things go and forgive. This is also a self-reminder! Glad to know my post is a good read for you!

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