Self-Help: The Best You Can Do For Yourself

         Very often, during our tough times, we seek the help of those who are close to us. Families, friends and life partners are one of those whom we always turn to for comfort. Of course, there is nothing like having a long talk with special ones in our lives to help us heal from within. Sometimes, sharing the dark side of our lives with the right person turns out to be a blessing as they will magically lift your life and set you back on track. Parents are the best person with such credibility to do this aid for ourselves as they could bring the best out of us even when we feel like the world has shattered.
Please Help Yourself
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         What is the drawback of seeking help from others to heal us? When someone lend us their ears to our problems, we would often feel like sharing our emotions and thoughts with them. That person is someone that seems precious more than anything as they act as an immediate remedy to our sickly soul. Sooner than later, we seek happiness within them and we entrust them to make us feel complete. This would lead to dependency and eventually ends up in disappointment. Why? Because people don’t live up to our expectation all the time. Like everything else, people change! So, the best medicine for your sorrow is self-help. Why so? 

1. Help Yourself Discover Your Strength 

             You will feel irritated and disappointed with people around you who pull themselves back from your issues and letting you deal with your odds on your own. First thing first, you should understand that nobody is ever obliged to help you overcome your problems. Help is something offered out of their own will and you can’t expect everyone to be generously pumping in effort into our problems. Help yourself to do this as you will learn to keep yourself calm in the process, discovering what your strength is and ways to overcome such situations on you OWN. Many of us who have confronted difficulties in life discover our lesson at that point. Pain heals and teaches us something about ourselves like hidden talents. So, help yourself to identify what you are best at. That will give you peace of mind and happiness. 

2. Help Yourself To Be Independent 

             There can never be something as valuable as the ability to stand on your own foot. This is essential in today’s world as this attributes to transform oneself into a stronger person. When you are finally able to depend on nothing but YOURSELF, you will learn the best of yourself and using it as a weapon to combat negativity that pulls you down. Eventually, you will find yourself being more confident and independent in almost every other stuff you do on a daily basis. You no longer need that someone to make you feel better all the time, nannying you when you feel sinking. 

3. Help Yourself To Combat Negativity 

            The need to rely on something to drift us away from one dark side of our past will lead to another dependency. Most often, this something will be unhealthy activities that lure us into a mess like alcohol or drug addiction. Some of us would go to the extent of projecting the frustration on people around us thus creating friction in relationships. There is no way of you finding yourself going towards a better life if you keep dwelling in negativity. That’s the key to understand the whole issue. You can’t only strengthen yourself by discovering and empowering the positive elements, by telling yourself that even this will pass and by BELIEVING life will be better. So, you should constantly remind yourself that you should think the good way for your life to change. 
              Of course, pain is the bitter pill to rediscover yourself. But, that’s temporary. Once you have started materialising the plans to see yourself out of trouble, you will love the outcome and you will start loving positivity as an essential element in life! Self-help is the best. There is no other way out! 

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