I’m back to speak my mind up on this issue as promised! If you think I’m going to talk on why women should be allowed to make decision on abortion, you are WRONG! I’m going to paint a picture for you to see what happens when unwanted pregnancies are continued, how bizzare can it be for mankind and possible changes we all can do to restore civilisation back into the society. 
         For most of the couples out there who have gone through abortion, it could be one of the most painful and indelible experience ever. Having loved someone, getting intimate and having a life coming as a result of union of two lives are supposed to be events meant for celebration not hidden from everybody’s knowledge. The thought of terminating the life is somewhat traumatic for people who could feel the pain of it. It’s a death call to the unborn. 
        The current scenario among my generation is pretty ugly and totally unethical. We can’t deny that nothing much has been done to arrest the involvement of men and women, boys and girls from free-sex and sex out of wedlock. This is the PROBLEM we are facing! Neither could we find a solution to the problem nor accept abortion. Sex education introduced is to educate the younger generation on how to prevent having unsafe sex and getting sexually transmitted diseases (STD). It serves as a proof that we can’t stop men and women being socially active and having sexual relationship. Hence, sexual education is hoped to stop the worse which are STD’s and unwanted pregnancies from occurring. Sometime before, Malaysia came up with the idea of Baby Hatch to rescue babies who are thrown away by their parents. All these efforts by government indirectly tell us that stopping sex out of wedlock is something not very feasible. 
            Why abortion rate is high? 
1) Youths seek sexual relationship as a part of sexual pleasure. There is no love as a bonding in their relationship. They are just purely having sex, not making love.
2) Sexual education may be a general guideline. There are A LOT of other things involved when you have sex. There is something called coitus-induced ovulation which would make a woman ovulate faster than predicted ovulation time. Our body reacts differently and our hormones responses at a different rate. It’s all very subjective and each time you have sex you increase the possibility of pregnancy. 
3) Women are more empowered and they just don’t want to be solely taking responsibilities of the child like those days. They too would want to have easy way out like men, which I find sadly fair! 
          So we don’t support abortion but we don’t have the solutions either! Let me tell you what happens when unwanted pregnancies are not terminated. Before that, let me explain to you my stance on this issue. 
* I am not speaking in favour of men and women who sleeps around all the time and finds their partners or herself pregnant again and again. Abortion is definitely not the solution for them, they should be made sterile! 
* When I speak about seeing unwanted pregnancies, I see the FUTURE of the children and I’m speaking bearing this in mind.
1) A country with more quantity more no quality! Imagine if we were to blindly say that we don’t want women aborting child in a heavily dense country. We would produce more people like Ram and friends who have taken the dignity and life of a young girl. To demonstrate loudly or make objection towards their senile act would NOT make much differences. Why? Because they are uneducated people from the slums where the quality of life is so poor. This is also why we saw continuous rape cases like the Punjab rape case after the New Dehli in India.
2) More broken families are formed. We need both parents together to nurture a child and shape his/her mind. Such family institution serves as a proof of love for their children. We don’t want to see a child with two biological parents, some step-mothers and a few step-fathers! A child deserves the rights to have all the basic needs to fulfilled and the ability to live life in an ideal environment, not just the rights to be born. We often forget that when we are so engrossed opposing abortion, we don’t look into the future of the child! At what gestation period can a foetus be called a human or is entitled to human-rights? The failure of family institution is more prevalent in cases like Steubenvile.
           So, some of you at this point may say that adoption could be the solution to this problem. Very much agreed. But, there is something to ponder upon. While we are rescuing the unborn child, there are already millions of parentless children all around the globe, LIVING life! And what have we done for them or have we ever thought of their welfare. So, you say don’t abort but when the child is born, that’s the end, everyone forgets about the future of the kid. Abortion, sadly could mean we are trying to stop creating more problems for ourselves and save the children on earth instead. 
Now, I believe some of you feel helpless thinking about the direction of we humans are marching towards. We don’t have the solution to the problem and we can’t accept abortion. I believe we can make a difference but it will take at least another generation to see the effect. 
1) Each one of us should and must work towards forming a perfect or somewhat conducive environment for our children to live. We should educate our children on values, the emotional involvement of women and men in a sexual relationship and being responsible for it. 
2) Practice gender equality when you are raising your children. Stop exhibiting practices or acts that give them the idea of one gender being superior than the other one. This would encourage them to have mutual respect for each other. 
I believe as a mother and father of your own children, you can shape them to become a better generation. Nobody can do this. Don’t expect the government or school teachers. You have to make the changes. For that to happen, you should change! 
Having said all that I wanted to say, I hereby rest my case!

6 thoughts on “Abortion

  1. Great opinion!I love how it's directed back to the parents, which is highly true!The newer generation is terrible. Teen pregnancy is extremely high, it's almost an epidemic.I'm pro choice. I value your opinion! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello John, It's really nice to see your comeback on my blog. Thank you for following my blog. I just felt that we all should stop finding fault and start being a part of the solution to a problem. Everyone should work on being the best mom and dad they could ever be and pass that influence to their kids! Thanks for the comment! Much appreciated.

  3. Hello John, It's really nice to see your comeback on my blog. Thank you for following my blog. I just felt that we all should stop finding fault and start being a part of the solution to a problem. Everyone should work on being the best mom and dad they could ever be and pass that influence to their kids! Thanks for the comment! Much appreciated.

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