People’s Power: GE13 Malaysia

Fellow Malaysians,

It’s time to vote again!!! As the election fever is on everywhere in Malaysia, I would like to urge all of you who have registered as voters, to move you ass and VOTE! Each vote counts! I have gone to vote today at my polling station and the crowd was overwhelming. Things to note on:

1)Be extra cautious and vigilant when you take your ballot paper as the damn ink doesn’t dry at all and it can cause your vote to be counted as spoiled vote if you smear the ink on your ballot paper!! I checked the ballot papers if it is free from any markings!! ANY small markings will render you vote void so ask for a new ballot paper. You have the rights to do so.

2)Check your voting booth’s number and this will make you move faster to the polling both! I have learned that the polling booth #3 and #4 are for the young voters. So if you are a young voter, go to these lines to make your voting process faster.

3)Look around for phantom voters. You know how they look like. Don’t tell me you can’t identify fellow Malaysians. 🙂

4)I have no idea why we are given pen instead of pencil this time round but anyhow there are extra 10% ballot papers, so if in case you accidentally make a mistake, you could ask for new ones.

5)Keep your mobile phones in silent mode especially when you are already at the pooling booth.

6)You may want to print your registration slip which can be obtained from if at all there is a chaos saying you have voted before or you have not been registered.

Remember, today, we all heroes for a day! Our VOTE counts!! You guys rock!!


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