Women Behaving Badly by Alana Munro

A book review on Women Behaving Badly by Alana Munro +Alana Munro

I am greatly attracted towards this book as it discusses some useful insights on women’s attitude! Ever seen men sustaining their friendship better with other men? And women picking up some petty arguments among their group of girls and soon parting ways to become all time foes. We also often hear women complimenting each other is just an act to please each other when in reality they have a lot of things to be said behind their back! Men on the other hand, shrug any issues that are discomforting them which could possibly break friendships off with great ease!

This is the issue discussed in Alana Munro’s compelling book. It provides great inside with some blatant truth on women’s friendship and how women fail to empower each other in real life. I feel it’s a great read for any woman who thinks women’s friendship should be brought to the next level for betterment. It also serves as an eye-opening read for those advocating feminism and self-empowerment, as this book reveals what women need to do for themselves first before fighting for gender equality.

Reading this book will make you realise how traumatic and disastrous can one’s life be due to women behaving badly and to what extent it could make an impact, often in the negative ways on our lives. I’m very excited as someone has chosen this rare issue to be made a book to create awareness among all ladies generally! Girls compete with each other, real women empower each other.

+Alana Munro is an author living in Australia and you can read more about her mind-blowing work by clicking on these links to her page:

AlanaMunroAuthor – the official page of Alana
Amazon link – purchase her book via Amazon
Facebook – Facebook link. Get connected!

Have a good read everyone!


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