54 Simple Truths: How to Face the Challenges of Life

54 Simple Truths: How To Face the Challenges of Life by Michael Wash – A book review

“Where is happiness?”, many people would ask. In this competitive and challenging world, life’s hardship often takes a toll on us and pushes us into deep misery. We may have everything one could ever dream of having and yet still be in pursuit of happiness. Some finds happiness in money, some others in people they love. But all these doesn’t last long.
Why? Because happiness can be found within yourself only!
Reading this book by Micheal Wash made me realise that life is not fair and we have got to live with it! It’s an eye-opening read as it makes you think for yourself why human choose to stay in comfort zone forever and never admits to the fact that life is a blend of good and bad! Michael has clearly outlined his thoughts in his book on the negative sides of life and why we have to accept it with an open heart in order to move on. 
Read this book and you will know why making mistakes, falling out of love, facing the pain of death and being lost in life are completely normal and you will be able to let go of the heavy baggage of guilt you have been carrying with you all these while. It is a book that brings you to the state of contemplation whereby you will learn to accept yourself and forgive yourself for your own mistakes!
This book is a great self-help work that aids you in understanding your stance in life and it teaches you how to take the good with the bad, accepting the fact fully and looking at the brighter side in life. Discard the resentment and your life will flourish! 

Why 54?
The answer will be revealed in Mike’s next book. But if anyone can guess the right answer then you will get a free copy of a book of your choice from the 54 series. 

Michael Wash is a highly responsive consultant who has worked with complex environments. His pages can be found in the following links:

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