The Island of Lote

The Island Of Lote by Emily Kinney – A Book Review

Have you all watched Life of Pi? Well, honestly when I was reading this book, I was reminded of that movie. A wonderful movie that transports you into the world of that boy and makes you life in fantasy virtually! If you liked that movie I’m sure you would closely relate to this amazing book by Emily Kinney!
This book has what it takes to make yourself glued to it so much and finds yourself getting attached to the main character named Milo. I feel Emily has done a very great job in giving birth to this character. As I was reading about Emily, a young author, I found out that she dislike being ordinary and there is always this wanting within her to be different or extraordinary and I think that has been reflected greatly in her character by the name of Milo. 
So who is Milo? Milo is a young girl about 16 years who moves from one place to another following her parents who shifts places. Milo has a very attractive character. She is rebellious and stands firm for her opinion. In other words, she is assertive. You would fall in love with the character from the first paragraph of the first page itself. Here, Emily did a good job in narrating the story! Milo’s life takes an unexpected shift when she accidentally says ”Yes”, one word that changes her life dramatically. 
Another special feature of this book is the unexpected twists and the way the plot progresses. Milo undergoes several huge changes in her life that makes us the readers want to read more and more. The book incorporates romance with young adult fiction genre that relates fantasy closely to reality. A story of fantasy that isn’t exaggerated and falls beautiful naturally. The Island of Lote is a newly published book that gains huge reviews on popular book stores like Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes and Noble. 
Emily Kinney is a young author from Maine, who has finally had her book published after many years of struggling. She is a great lover of books and storytelling in any form. You can get connected to her book through this links:


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