Job Ethics

Promotion? A word that is quite related with business. So we all promote our stuffs. When I do this post I share it on G+ and that’s called promotion. We promote books too and our ideas, a way of exchanging ideas. All that is fine. But. I have recently stumbled upon some ugly, dirty tactics used in promotion of certain products. I had an offer to review drugs/medicines on their webpage. I quickly turned the offer down and I was terribly troubled with fact that people do so much just for the sake of money. What about your conscience? What does it say?

While we are all in the rush to make money, our principles we uphold are often tested. As greed takes over moral values, people change their mind fast to accept jobs that hurt their values badly. Why job ethic is so important for us?

1. Sense of Fulfilment

Any job we do should be able to give us a sense of self-accomplishment and fulfilment. People get bored with their work very often as they do not enjoy what they do or are forced to do something beyond their liking. I believe one should strongly hold on to his/her values when it comes to jobs as what matters at the end of the day is not the amount of money that goes into the bank account but the sense of accomplishment that is achieved. Someone who refuses ‘unclean’ jobs gets a peaceful sleep.

2. Money Isn’t Everything

Money obtained the right way stays with you forever. There is no point chasing after money when happiness doesn’t follow it. I chose to decline the offer as I feel I would feel guilty promoting medicines that I don’t use. That review could be read by many and may be one or two would end up buying and suffer the side effects of it. I wouldn’t want to be earning at the expense of someone’s health.

3. Social Responsibility

While we advocate for human and consumer rights, I think the responsibility lies on us too to do the right thing by practising social justice. It doesn’t grant us any rights to speak on justice when we don’t do good for the public. This counts the job we do too and the ethics that have to be followed. The world will only be a better place to live in when we start doing good in our daily lives and that certainly includes our work that is pretty much the daily routine! There is no point harvesting money by neglecting social responsibility and trying to make up for the sins by doing ‘charity’ work just for the sake of making up good name for your company and to get some discounts on your taxes! 


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