My Interview By Adrianna Joleigh

Last week, my lovely friend +Adrianna Joleigh interviewed me on her blog! I was so flattered with the post and her kindness to interview me who is obviously no where as compared to the other writers! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the beautiful soul, Adrianna for her her excellent work in getting feedback from writers and readers all around the world.

Adrianna, I feel writers could get to know their readers better in that sense and this would boost writer-reader relationship further! I appreciate your effort taken to go from one person to another and getting their perception on the writing and reading world! May God bless you! And of course, good luck with your book too!

My interview by Adrianna Joleigh can be found in this link here

Thank you all my readers for the encouragement too and I would like to say I enjoy your feedback the most! Thank you !


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