Shame by Jasvinder Sanghera
Shame by Jasvinder Sanghera
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During the book sale by Big Bad Wolf, I managed to grab Shame for RM 8 the moment my eyes caught this book. While I took hours to shop for books going for sale at ridiculously cheap price, I never hesitated or had a second thought to make up my mind on this one! I have seen this book a few years back when I visited a close friend’s house where they had this book and I had an opportunity to flip through the book. I loved the theme the author was discussing in this book instantly and the image of the book cover got imprinted on my mind. 
So, when I saw this book selling at RM 8, I just couldn’t resist. I bought it and I’m glad for the fact that I grabbed the chance to read this book. I am now in the very beginning stage of the book where the story unfolds about Jasvinder being forced to marry someone she barely knew at the age of 14. She flees away from home with the boy of her choice, who is from the lower caste, and Jasvinder was subjected for her family’s curse. She was finally disowned by her family. I just couldn’t believe how someone can be so mean to their own child who has chosen her own path of life and most importantly how strong beliefs and cultural restrictions could be so detrimental to a society. 
I did some background study and found that Jasvinder is now an activist advocating women’s rights especially those who are subjected to forced marriage. She is also the co-founder of Karma Nirvana. I am looking forward to reading her terrifying true story further as the story develops and reveals what happens next especially the family’s reaction knowing that she is now someone successful. 
I have read the book. By the time I finish Chapter 1, I was getting chocked up with the extreme hostility in Jas’ house. By the end of Chapter 2, I was completely hating the mother.

Shame has traveled from her little word in Derby to every corner of the world where this book made its debut. It is not about Jasvinder’s embarrassment, it is about her family’s! And about how the culture has made its people to look ugly in the eye of a stranger. I believe, you, the one reading this, would feel so lucky being born and raised in a different culture. I could relate to her story so much because I have seen people living life such way.

Jas’ story would make your heart skip a beat, make you want to cry and feel so bad deep inside for what has happened to her. Above all, Shame will open your eyes to the horror in some women’s world. Jas’ story has moved me so much and me feel like living in her shoes and experiencing her life which seems so real.

Read it!! It will change your perspective on cultures and people. 


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