Teaching of Religion: Where Is The Extent of Our Obligation ?


Has Religion Blindfolded You From The Truth?
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While working on my book, reading some issues I thought would be interesting to be a part of the non-fiction book and to be shared to the world, I stumbled upon an ugly fact on how religion can imprison the mind of a man. What I read was beyond what my mind could take and I felt so disgusted that even people who were educated, living in what we say the most evolved part of the world, could second the hideous idea preached in the name of religion and take into their utmost obligation.

A man can marry and have sex with a young girl who hasn’t reached puberty and a man is granted many ways to divorce his wife and take another woman according to the rules and allocation in ‘that’ religion. Period.
Religion: Option or Obligation?
I’m totally horrified at the fact that people, including woman could still abide to the lunatic rules and regulations. I feel that people have taken religion so seriously that anything it says has to be true and needs to be followed. The blind faith and what the holy book has to say have been ingrained into their mind and runs in their blood, like their breath, holding onto it so tight, without which they would die. It seems so hard to knock that blind ignorance out of their small mind because for them to be able to ‘see’ beyond the veil of religion seems so hard. Even if they have access to education, I strongly believe that the traditional and typical mindset would not be driven out if they do not choose to see things in different perspective. Education could only feed them with information, but at the end of the day, it is up to them to filter the truth and THINK for the betterment. 

I think what the society has failed to look at is the reality behind everything that religion suggests. Have we ever admitted to the fact that to some extend, what our religion tells us are all well manipulated facts by the rich, the more powerful, and the more dominating sex. How can we assure that our faiths and obligation were just merely rules made to dominate us and imprison our minds?

Sometime back I read that Philippines have long been suffering from over-population as a result of religion prohibiting birth control. This issue has been resolved favouring to women who wants birth control for better quality of life but now the law seems to be hanging over the fence again. In Hinduism and Islam, the ladies are not allowed to pray as they regard the period as ‘unclean’. In Hinduism particularly, the girl is subjected to a lot of curfews during her period and I find this utter crap. The reasons I could find over various sources suggest that it is because they are unclean as there is unwanted discharge from their body. Some vaguely suggest that it is due to some scientific reason too.

To me, my take on religion is simple. One can be an Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim or a Buddhist but he should not put his logical thinking behind his obligation to his religion. If your religion says the Sun rises in West and sets in the East, would you still agree to it? Or use your brain instead for God sake?


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