Couch Potato Politics: Why America Is Screwed Up And Why It’s Our Own Damn Fault

Couch Potato Politics: Why America Is Screwed Up And Why It’s Our Own Damn Fault

Couch Potato Politics: Why America Is Screwed Up And Why It’s Our Own Damn Fault by Mark A. Prior

A Book Review

Before I start with my reviews on this book I read, I would want to say that EVERYONE, I mean every single person anywhere in the world would be able to relate to at least 70% of this book very much because what Mark discusses in his book concerns all of us. Why? Because every damn single government functions almost the similar way all around the world. So, this is just not for Americans. This is for all of us.
This is a very newly published non-fiction book. The author’s motive in writing this book is to highlight the issues happening in America that are very destructible and how its very own people have been the reason behind it. Mark is not an economist or a guy with political background. He is a common like the rest of us. The book is written in a layman’s language,one just needs to be able to read to understand what he is saying. It touches on a few very important issues concerning the situation in America in which everyone could relate to, agreeing or disagreeing to what have been highlighted by him, but most of you would agree to what he has to say. Why?
I like the fact that he has touched on the media to begin with and how it has been highly monopolised by the business people and providing news that is heavily biased or with poor informative quality. He has gone in depth discussing how each media plays a bad role as a news agent and finally comes to his conclusion of how the ESPN provides news which is unbiased. On another hand, I loved the fact that he has brought forth on objectifying women in the news media where people are often swayed from listening to the information it is trying to disseminate. The fault comes back falling on the viewers as they choose to watch news that is misleading or purely basing on gossips. He has also clearly explained how the journalists were ‘bought’ by the media so easily that their journalistic value doesn’t hold anymore. 
The another important issue concerning America that Mark has discussed which I highly second is the policy on Gun Control, the same old seasoned yet highly debatable issue of all time in American history. What is interesting is the fact that he has highlighted about how the Gun Control Law is not going to stop people from committing crime and killings. I personally feel the level of the discussion could have gone in depth touching clearly how having the gun control law wouldn’t make a change when the main underlying cause of the issue has not been tackled yet. The author could have taken the readers to the future portraying how the society would react when there are still gun-based violence happening with the Gun Control Law and how the government would be blamed still for not being able to arrest the situation. If gun violence should stop, then people like Adam Lanza should stop committing such crimes and the responsibility falls back on each and every citizen to know that the gun isn’t for the purpose of murdering someone else. 
This book has also another element that makes it interesting which is the “People Worth Your Time” section featuring people who Mark finds interesting and inspiring. Overall, this book is a good read for everyone who has concern for the current situation in the country. A voice from people like you and made into a book.


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