Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Hello readers, so I have been nominated again for this exciting award by author friend +Alana Munro. Thank you so much +Alana Munro for having me on mind while making the selection and I’m truly honoured to be receiving this from you. Thank you once again.
Alana is an author of Women Behaving Badly. She is also having a page on Google +, Support-a-writer. So be sure to check it out and read her website to get to know her more, the author who loves to interview and support all authors.

This award actually reminds me of another award on Glipho that I’m yet to respond to. Gosh. So in order to keep this award going to all other awesome writers, I would nominate some of the very exciting and inspiring young writers out there.

And the award goes to:

1. +Urvashi Vasishtha
2. +BV Bharati
3. +Bianca Sloane , the lovely suspense author
4. +Smera Goel  the young writer
5. +Melinda Field, the amazing lady who also runs

6. Q-Vega for her endless support
7. +Adrianna Joleigh , my supporter and lovely friend on G+.
8. +ambarish kumar , he does a good job in helping people out to blog the effective way.
9. +Kami McArthur the lovely lady writer

So, to all my nominees, I would love to see you keep this award rolling 🙂 You people rock


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