Importance of Doing SEO For Blogs

Blogging and SEO
I have been a blogger now for the past four months with almost 10K visits to my site. Regardless of why we blog, we need good traffic to actually promote our writings. Good blogging way would drive quality traffic to your blog. So how do we do this? I have learnt some important tips that are worth following all these while and I think SEO plays an important role in ensuring you get good number of visitors. It is a well-known short form for Search Engine Optimisation. I bet most of you would be using Google as your primary search engine. In order to have your page appearing in lower Page Rank List (PRL), you need to tweak your blog and articles to some extent. 
1. Keyword Density
Ideally, you should have one keyword that is included in your article title, and appear two to three times only throughout your blog. I chose the keyword which is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimisation as it appears to be having medium level of search results per month. You can check the priority level of keywords using Google Adwords. When you limit your keyword usage, the search engines crawls better to look up for your articles or blog. 
Google Adwords
2. Page Layout
I just checked for my SEO site checkup results via this page and it says that my page loads slowly as it exceeds the average size of a webpage. An average webpage’s size is only 33 kb whereas mine is about 200 kb which is pretty high and one way to cut down the size of your page is by using CSS layouts, external style sheets and moving javascripts to external files. I have no idea yet what those stuffs mean but I will surely look into it. Apparently, sites with larger sizes discourages people to visit which is pretty true.
3. Blog Article Details 
Make sure your blog article is updated with search descriptions and labels. Ensure you have enabled custom robots tags too. If you have pictures, make sure you add titles to it and always cite the page that you have taken the pictures from. I have learned that words in italic and bold help search engines to locate your articles better but there are other sources saying this is not necessarily true or effective. As you can see, I have highlighted my keyword here in bold to emphasis on SEO

4. Google Analytics
If you have signed up for Google Analytics, you will find interesting stuffs regarding search engine results related to your blog. This is the result for my blog. Check the keywords people use to land on my page. It is pretty interesting. 
Google Analytics
I’ll be updating this page with more information from time to time. Stay tuned. 

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