Grow Your Blog Audience: Enable 3rd Party Commenting System

As a blogger for the past three months, I am keen on updating my blog to be appealing to my readers as well as Search Engines. In order to take blogging into the next level, one should do Search Engine Optimisation to his or her blog. Now many bloggers have great contents on their blog and some even get thousands of visitors a month. It is a sad case if you don’t make an effort to learn about blogging further when some people out there are mastering blogging tricks and bringing their blogs on the first page of Google thus being a blogger by profession.
I have always wanted to have my Facebook friends and Twitter followers commenting on my blog. Most of the time, when I have not published any new post, I would still be getting a decent amount of audience on my blog on my popular articles. I know they are not from G+, so they are not able to comment on my blog or like the post. So I enabled Disqus thread on my blogger account. With this, I hope more readers would be engaged on my thoughts via my posts. 
For Disqus to work you should disable G + comment system.  All you should do is to create an account an install the widget via their easy-install method on
I hope this work for you and do let me know if you like the changes on my blog. 

22 thoughts on “Grow Your Blog Audience: Enable 3rd Party Commenting System

  1. I just installed disqus too, but I don't think it is working properly. It is showing that the last comments were made 2 months ago (should show comments made last week). I haven't received any comments this week. I also signed up for the affiliate plan, but I don't see it in the comment section. I do see yours though. Guess I'll keep trying to work out the "bugs!"

  2. Shortstoryguy.comWere you using google plus comment system before?Oddly I was thinking of switching from disqus to google or fb commenting because they seem to provide the value of share ability … Although I like disqus.

  3. same here. So we are on Disqus for the first day together. I am watching how it goes. I have a friend who says when he was trying to comment via G+ account here, Disqus asked for email and name or something so he didn't comment. I think he has mistaken it for spam or something. It is just log in requirements.

  4. hey there, I will have to ask the guy who helped me out today about this. !! I googled about this issue and found out a guy having a blog on blogging tips. he helped me out with Disqus today. but then, it just needs G+ account to comment here. so I wonder why it doesn't work.

  5. Hmmm, I wonder why it worked for you and not for us? I will try to figure it out too, but I have to go for now. Please let me know what you come up with and I will do the same. Thanks!

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