God Take Over: I Am Finished

God Take Over: I Am Finished
Difficult times in life can be very devastating. Some can cope with the hardship and come out of it to be a better person, whereas some get out of track, gets mislead and never come back to the journey he or she is supposed to be travelling on. What differs these two different group of people? What are the connection between tough times and spirituality and most importantly God?
The one who loses hope fast are the ones who never get their spiritual strength renewed. They seemed to be seeing more negativity in life more than the goodness it has to offer. With hatred in heart, they become someone they are not, from good to bad, disseminating the negative aura and vibes to everyone surrounding them. Life and negativity win them over. People who embraced success and faith in life are those who were able to see the bright side of difficulties. They had hope with the future. And the hope came in the form of God. 
God Take Over: I Am Finished. A Cry For Mercy When Suffering Seems Unfair is a book written by Christine Agada, based on her own life’s trial and tribulations as she struggled in life, willingly and sometimes unwillingly submits to God’s will. Catherine beautifully captures the message that if we choose to seek God’s help and allow God to take control of our life, our faith would be restored and our souls will be revitalised. 
By applying the ultimate message in this book: where human senses, strength, power, abilities, knowledge, and intelligence end, God’s supremacy begins, one would realise the strength weakness has and turn it into a stepping stone for success and peace of mind. 

It is an inspirational, spiritual and personal growth book that would restore your relationship with man and God. For those who say God is Nowhere, this book would show you that God is Now Here and opens your eyes to faith, peace and spirituality, taking you one step closer to God.
Her book can be purchased at http://www.createspace.com/4263363

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