7 thoughts on “I’m On WordPress!!

    • hi there Sarah, the first commenter on my blog! LOL. Well, I am trying to import all my posts from blogger to here and work from both platforms. but I havent figured out how to import posts yet

  1. Woohoo, Jassy. I’m following you now. Just copy and paste from your Blogger. That’s what I did when I moved my Blogger posts to my WP site.

    • I don’t find the option to follow you though!! 😦 At the top bar, there should be an option to ”follow blog” but I can’t find any when I’m on your site. I’m already subscribing to your posts so I’m notified through e-mail but then just curious why I can’t follow your blog directly through wordpress. Yes, I could easily import all my blogs from blogger 🙂 thank you so much Glen. I want to shift the traffic from Blogger to WP slowly.

      • I’m a little bit confused with the new site. LOL I will definitely figure this out. I managed to follow alana. I will sort this out 😉

      • WP is really cool. I hope it helps readers when it comes to commenting. Blogger has limited options for them to post comments. In fact, only one option, that is via G+, if at all they have one

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