What Is True About True?

A True Gift

It was a casual day with me going through the internet, blogging and getting distracted from what I was supposed to be doing which is applying for jobs. I had and still having a good time having absolutely, I mean it, absolutely nothing to worry about at home. So there was this day I could still remember. I was going through a few blogs of authors and writers as they appear on my news feed on my Google + homepage. There is a huge network of authors over here with people like Alana, Adrianna and Vashti being so warm and welcoming. In fact, through these people and other friends on writers’ community, I am getting to know awesome blogs and writers. So, I remember going through a new blog belonging to a whole new person, Melinda Field and the first thing I saw on her blog was about her book and I quickly learned that she is a writer. I left a comment on her blog as I found her book very intriguing and little did I know she would be mailing me soon about her book. I received this book together with her beautiful wisdom card a month ago and I had so much fun reading it. 

Something about Melinda that might catch your interest:

Melinda Field is an award winning writer/poet/playwright who lives in the mountains of Northern California. A version of her short story The Ledge, excerpted from True, was an award winner in the Lorian Hemingway International Short Story Competition. She has authored three sets of ​wisdom cards with photographic artist Lani Phillips, that were created to inspire and empower women of all ages on a daily basis. They are Wisdom of the Crone, Wonder of the Mother and The Journey. The cards can be viewed at www.wisewomenink.com. Melinda is currently working on a sequel to True.
She has been a wonderful support within a short period of time knowing her and I would like to thank her for amazing guidance. It really means a lot to me Melinda. 🙂 You can read her blog at this link and her official page here
True, from my point of view, is a story told in the most natural and genuine way. It is highly relatable to our daily life, with the good and the bad coming together in the same journey of life. The book starts off with Caterina Ramos, being a stubborn child, forced to go to her grandmother’s place after her mother has been sent to the prison for prostitution and drug abuse. Caterina goes to school nearby and there she sees a bunch of terrible boys who bullies her. Later, she becomes the victim of rape when these boys take advantage of her. Her grandmother Jenny passes away hearing this, and Emma, one of the horsewomen takes care of Cat while she continues her pregnancy.
The story evolves beautifully and peacefully emphasizing on the true friendship between these horsewomen and how they help each other to overcome life and death. Melinda is currently working on the second book and I can’t wait to buy it next. Get her book at Amazon

I welcome your thoughts and views ! 😀 Thank you for your feedback


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