Glendon Perkins In The House!

Glendon Perkins
First of all, I would like to thank each and everyone of you who took time to participate in my blog hop that I hosted sometime back. It was a pleasure having all of you there. I met some new bloggers and it was interesting to learn about your writing journey.
I would like to express my gratitude by having your interview up on my blog to let my readers know about you. So, first in the list is +Glendon Perkins 

 Tell us about yourself a little   
A) I’m a Wyoming native, U. S. Navy veteran, and a three-time published author of short stories.
  Why do you write and what is the motive behind it?  
A) I write to tell a story. That seems like a simplistic answer but it’s true.
 What is the biggest motivation (people/any incidents) for you to write?  
A) Situations in life are the most often motivators to my writing. I see something or hear something or experience something and a story starts developing in my head.
How is the feedback from people or your readers?  
A) Nearly all the feedback I’ve received from my readers is positive. Some readers may not like the genre I write in, but the writing itself is generally well received.
 What is the progress in writing that you are proud of?  
A) My overall progress in writing. Going from someone who didn’t have a clue about writing a good story to being someone who understands what a good story is.
Tell us about an interesting writing you have made so far.   
A) For several months I posted a novel in rough draft from my novel in progress “Buried Alive.” The story was so well received, and along with the popularity of the story mixed with the term “publishable”, I was forced to remove it from the public.
What is hardest getting published, writing or marketing?  
A) For now writing is my greatest challenge. I seldom have completed works to try marketing and I’m not ready for publication of a novel yet.
 What marketing works for you?  
A) My marketing consists of word of mouth and posting links on social networks.
 How do you plan to expand your writing experiences (ex: from being a blogger to a writer etc?). 
A)I already blog and write so being published is how I hope to expand. 
Are you aware of the tricks blogging have to drive you more traffic? (like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and blog layouts?). 
A) Nope, don’t know anything about how to draw more traffic.
What do you want to achieve through writing?  
A) A published novel, preferably through traditional publishing.
 How would you encourage or advise someone who is intending to take up writing?  
A) Just do it. That’s about as simple as it gets. Write a lot and read a lot. Don’t worry about your first attempts being bad. We’ve all been there. Find a special or ideal reader to write for. And ask questions.
What do you hope people will take away from your writing? How will your words make them feel?
  A) I would like my readers to com away with some kind or emotional response. I like to hear the readers say they received “chills” or the story was “chilling” or “I was right there.”
 Do you have a website you would want to share with us?  
A) My website is It has my blog posts, guest writers, writing tips, and links to my published works.
Thank you, Jassy for letting me be a part of your blog hop.
Thank you for your precious time Glen and I wish you all the best!!


I welcome you thoughts and views ! 😀 Thank you for your feedback


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