The First Word Of The First Line

Some of you may have known a little about my plans to write a book, a non-fiction work. I am still very excited about this. I have started blogging just for about four months now and I think I do make sense when it comes to writing, at least I know some of you are being so supportive, so there should be something worthy about what I write that makes you feel I should do this. 
I’m not writing because I have the encouragement for it. Of course, that is the driving force that keeps all of us going and we need support from each and every author friend we know. But I’m writing because I want to write and I know I want to see myself getting the thoughts on my head on print, in the form of a book. This, I know very well. But then, comes the greatest barrier, the starting trouble. I have not written a thing of what I have on my mind yet and it is like catching up bits and pieces of my ideas every time I want to get started with it. 
That first word of the first line, I swear it is so freaking hard to decide. I am not sure if I’m being too picky about it, trying to be a perfectionist or if I’m just confuse not knowing where to start. Organising trails of thoughts can be very difficult, especially when we want the work to come out just the way we wanted it. Authors, how do you usually start your book? Preface, Chapter 1 or just about anything that pops out of your mind where you jot it down and later match them like bits and pieces of jigsaw puzzle? Does your title selection comes last?
For some of you who are still wondering what am I trying to accomplish, I am in the idea of writing a non-fiction book featuring the lives and stories of women all over the world with some of my personal thoughts incorporated in each chapter. I want to do this so badly, not just because I want to get it over with. No! I want to do this because I feel the urge of doing it, so badly. 
Confused and self-doubting,
I welcome you thoughts and views ! 😀 Thank you for your feedback

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