Fifty Shades Unrevealed

Grey Is The Man and The Colour
Everyone was talking about this book back in May when we had a book fair by the Big Bad Wolf over here and I missed this book as it was sold out on the first day itself. I never intended to read this book but when Carmina, a friend from Glipho mentioned that the book has some other messages although it is all about sex somewhere from page 100 right till the end of the book. 
I finished this book within 3 days. I am never a fan of erotic books. Romance yes, not erotic and all we got from this book was just sex and nothing else. There was no love making between Ana and Grey. It was just about hormones and sheer pleasure from sex without feelings, emotions or love. To make it worse, the relationship that Grey wanted from Ana was a BDSM relationship where Grey was in control as a dominant and I thought this doesn’t add value to my reading experience. E.L James also used the word mutters and whispers excessively rendering dull conversations between Ana and Grey. 
I gave the book 4/5 finally as I thought there were more to see beyond the erotic content that is not appealing. There was emotions between the two characters even though it was a dominant submissive relationship. This story explains the difference in feelings the male and female have on each other. Ana fell in love with this super-smart and good-looking guy and I thought even though they were sexually driven and attracted to each other, Ana had feelings for this guy and wants to have a normal and lasting relationship. On the contrary, all Grey had on mind was about sex and nothing else initially. I made a guess on how the story would end and I was right. 😉 Grey actually liked Ana and he seemed to care for her a little bit more from how the story evolves. I liked the fact that these two people were actually having ‘something’ more than just sex between them, something that lies somewhere in between love and sex. 
When Ana confesses that she is in love with Grey, he denies her feeling and she was left devastated. It shows the extent of emotions in a man and a woman. For Grey, the excitement is over as soon as he empties himself within the girl. Whereas Ana fooled herself thinking that Grey would fall for her. A typical men and women’s story that reflects the real scenarios in the society. E.L James brought the reality into her characters and I think this worked very well and earned her all the 4 and 5 stars. 
The story also shows how a woman could actually take charge of the relationship and how she plays a powerful submissive role to control her man. This message was beautifully captured by James’ characters, Ana and Grey where Ana flirtatiously seduced her man and he went craving for her more and more. Fifty Shades also portrayed how possessiveness and being a control freak would negatively affect the woman and her emotions. Being naive is no good and Ana who was very reserved learned about men the hard way. 
Fifty Shades unrevealed is the title for the post because I don’t see all 50 shades of Grey here that suggests him being a complicated man or whatsoever. I don’t even think he has 10 different shades of himself. 
What do you think of the book? Tell us your views 😉
I welcome you thoughts and views ! 😀 Thank you for your feedback

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