When Life Gives You Lemons…

Womens & Lemons: Your Time Is Now
Ever wondered what happens to your life when you, as a woman, hit the age of 50? How do you intend to live your life after 50 or even 40? Do you think you should slow down and live a life that is calmer and reserved? Janice L. Walker has a message for you and all the other women who think just like you as she proves you wrong with her book Womens & Lemons: Your Time Is Now. Yes, WOMENS, you read that right. Find out why when the book is out.

For the past 15 years, Janice L. Walker has conducted workshops and seminars for a variety of women’s groups. She is passionate about issues that involve women and believes that women do not truly appreciate themselves as they should, especially in their 50s. She encourages, affirms, motivates, and inspires women to be all that they can be, and accept nothing less than the best for themselves at this particular juncture in life.

I had an opportunity to read Janice’s book before it is out this FALL 2013, and I feel Janice has incorporated her experience in this non-fiction work to help women start enjoying their lives. With the motto that 50 is really the new 30, I feel this book is a perfect read for our mothers who are getting old and living a dull life. It serves as a call for them to get out of their house, do what they are passionate about and achieve their dreams. 
While reading this book, I also thought it is essential for men to encourage their wives and mothers to live a joyful life by going out for vacation, participating in social events with their friends and continue exploring adventures at this age. I feel it is time for us to stop consuming too much of our mothers’ lives. Women have sacrificed enough for their families during their younger days and Janice encourages them to start living for themselves. 
So, when life gives you lemon, squeeze the life out of that lemon and enjoy all that life has to offer you, which you so richly deserve!!
Womens and Lemons is coming out this fall and you can request to be notified on the release of the book by emailing to vipfalo@aol.com and you will get to choose one out of ten free posters of Womens and Lemons available when you get the book. 
I welcome you thoughts and views ! 😀 Thank you for your feedback

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