Shades For Surviving Engineering


So, my results came a few days back, and I am proud to say that I survived four years of engineering. I’m now an official Chemical Engineering graduate. Pheww…. Still job hunting as I believe I the best is yet to come. We are going off to my dad’s place where he works tomorrow and as it is holiday here in Malaysia starting next week for Eid Celebration and it is time for real Malaysian celebration. We are planning to chill out at Cameron Highlands for the weekend too so you may expect some pictures next week on Glipho if I am not too lazy to upload them here. As for myself, I thought of forking out some money from the part time business I am doing to give myself a treat for successfully surviving the long 19 years of education with something that I have always wanted to get: A Shade 😉 Let me know what to look out for if you have an idea for my shopping for shade 😉

I welcome you thoughts and views ! 😀 Thank you for your feedback


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