Bloody Stupid Burglars!

Finally it’s my house they targeted

So finally it’s my house they targeted to break into. This robbery happened on Monday morning around 8 am (+8 GMT) as estimated by my neighbours. I’m feeling bad for the robbers who went away empty handed. The only issue that is bothering us the fact that they took one of our car keys along with them, so now we have to change key and alarm for our car and that has incurred extra expenditure. Just imagine when you reach home early in the morning from the place you went to have a good holiday time together with family, just to see your house has been thoroughly ransacked! 
It was festive season over here in Malaysia last week and I bet most Malaysians would have been away from home for celebration and holidays. The situation in Malaysia has gone from bad to worse now following MANY gunshot incidents here. Since April 12 2013 there were 31 gunshot murders and incidents in Malaysia. Firearms are now available at very cheap price and almost anyone can own a gun now and shoot anybody he or she feels like killing. This is the new trend here and most of the victims were killed when they stop their cars or bikes at traffic lights. So the next time you are in Malaysia and you stop at a traffic light, beware as you could be the next target for no particular reason. 
Where is Malaysia really heading to now? With our economy going worse from day to day, increasing crime rate has been very worrying. The recent general election has caused great turmoil in Malaysian politics and uneven opportunities among people of different races has forced many skilled workers to emigrate and look for a better life. I could safely say that most of the students studying abroad would never return to Malaysia for a living and this is why you could see more foreigners here working as labours and even skilled workers because our own people had enough with what’s happening.
If you think I’m hugely deviating from my post about the robbery by linking it with the current political scenario, you are absolutely wrong! I feel both issues are greatly interconnected as failure to handle crime while it could still be controlled with great ease. Now as problems have gone out of hand, we are struggling to offset to the situation. 
I don’t believe that moving out of the place where we belonged to will guarantee a better life. If I can’t fight for what is rightfully mine in my own land, I don’t expect Americans, Australians or Canadians to help me out for a better life. If you can’t fight for yourself NOW, you can’t do that elsewhere. Malaysia’s top two richest men are non-Malays. In fact, the backbone of Malaysia’s economy is held by the Malaysian Chinese. I believe it is more of what you can make out of what you have right now and that is the true trait of the survival of the fittest. 

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