We Are Moving…

Hello guys,

We Are Moving

It’s me Jasveena here. Nobody is literally moving out of home. Not my family out fear due to the recent robbery happened at our place. It’s the Thoughts And Views That Matter that is moving. I am trying shift the traffic to WordPress now from Blogger as I feel the only reason why Blogger is not my kind of platform anymore is because my effort to install Disqus on it failed. It just FAILED because Disqus can’t recover old comments to the blog and it also doesn’t allow readers to comment via G+.

I though WordPress is really cool as it is a very strong platform to be blogging from so I am going to keep all three; Glipho, Blogger and WordPress but my intention is to shift the traffic from Blogger to WP slowly and bring all my subscribers to this platform so that I don’t miss any of their precious feedback.

So, feel free to comment from WP and I will definitely comment back. If you want to stick to Blogger, that is not an issue too. Stay tuned with my thoughtful posts.




7 thoughts on “We Are Moving…

  1. Hi Jasveena! I’m following you here now. I’m sorry to hear your family’s house was vandalized. I’ve been through two burglaries. Once in NYC when I was a pre-teen. We came home from church to find our home was robbed, everything was gone. I remember feeling violated, impotent and very angry because the thieves made me afraid to be in my own house. I resented them the most for that. The second time it was in Florida. I was a seventeen. The burglars only took food. The meat from the freezer, can foods, cereal boxes and other food items from the pantry. I remember feeling a deep sorrow for these people. I wasn’t afraid, and I kind of felt glad that they were able to find food. It is a difficult experience to go through. I hope you and your family are okay.

    • We are fine. It is just those thieves took our car key! and one of the house keys too. Other than that, they only took petty things. Hey you should be grateful that they only took food. I really really wouldn’t mind if they were to take my food. LOL

  2. Just followed the link from your moving post and got to here. Looking forward to seeing what content you produce on wordpress!

    Also, someone broke into your house! That’s awful. Is everyone alright?

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