Hudson’s Sexism Remarks

Hudson’s Stupidity Was Unbelievable

Today, my mother and I went to the local supermarket nearby to buy some groceries. We headed to the food department where they sell sweets and other junk food. I was looking for something to eat and I thought it was good to buy some snacks. I got some Cloud Nine chocolates while my mother was searching for sweets and that’s when I saw Hudson’s sweets. I have never really seen Hudson’s sweets in packets before so I picked one of it up and flipped the packet! Guess what I saw?!

Hudson’s #1
“When your little son asks you to show him how to make his own babies… Hudson’s soothes life’s little irritation.”

Hudson’s #2
” When you wife asks you if she looks fat in her new dress… Hudson’s soothes life’s little irritations “
Hudson’s #3
 “When your boss asks your honest opinion about his new hairstyle… Hudson’s soothes life’s little irritations”
Hudson’s at the Store
Hudson’s and its nonsense!
Hudson’s, you are not soothing life’s little irritations, you are inducing frustration and irritations! 
I just can’t understand what makes Hudson’s feel so cool about its promotion or marketing method by incorporating such rubbish at its packaging. Obviously, this is not the only product that promotes wrong messages and supports movements that don’t benefit mankind. I feel one of ways to stop discrimination is by boycotting products and businesses. That would create stress in their business and eventually force them to do stop monopolizing the market with marketing that has negative impacts on people. 
I stopped buying Gardenia bread we have over here when I knew it was taken over forcefully by some people using political influence. I will include Hudson’s now in the list! Registered & Protected  HMG6-MZ9D-6ZAU-NB7A
 I welcome your thoughts and views ! 😀 Thank you for your feedback


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