New Website Taking Baby Steps!

I have been a book trailer designer on a freelancing site for the past five months now. I thought of doing freelance jobs ever since the beginning of this year. I was still in the university back then and it was my very last semester (now graduated)! Yeay!! 🙂 I had a bad time the previous year and coincidentally started blogging and venting out my feelings on social issues. That is exactly when I started to make friends with authors and writers all over the world who are SUPER SUPPORTIVE! My life has changed tremendously from that point and I never looked back! While I discovered writing as a passion of mine ( I never thought I could write and make sense at the same time, I am so glad I actually started writing), I wanted to channel my attention to other activities that are worth the time and energy, so I decided to freelance as that is the best option for anyone who doesn\’t want to be committed to difficult part time job. All you need is your lap top and your work can be done easily!
I have been learning about Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation lately (I know my post doesn\’t cater to SEO needs, how lazy I am when in fact I provide SEO articles for bloggers!!). These skills apply to promote authors too and I have been enjoying creating trailers. I made the very first step to expand my work and thus created a website. It is still under construction but the basic info is already up there! I will also get a domain name for it soon! I have created a WordPress blog for the site and Google + page too. My YouTube site has been renamed and revamped to accomodate samples of the videos I made before. The starting price is $30 for a 1 min trailer and the trailer will have purchased copyrighted pictures and musics. 
I will have a lot of work to be done about the website before it gets established and may be devoting some time in a day will help. Stay tuned for the updates! 🙂 Registered & Protected  HMG6-MZ9D-6ZAU-NB7A
 I welcome your thoughts and views ! 😀 Thank you for your feedback


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