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Why the fudge did I write a book?


Disclaimer: This is sort of a serious one but I still try to lighten it up here and there.  After all, tragedy breeds comedy!

Once another author  (like I’m one!) looked at my blog and said, “These are great!  You should really put them on youtube.  I’d bet you really get some attention that way!”  And truth is, yeah, I’m becoming a a bit of an attention whore and yeah, who doesn’t want to ham it up on camera once in a while?  I’d love to post videos like my idols albeit polar opposites Emma Clark and gineriella.  By the way, I think those two should come together and re-create this classic scene when discussing the upcoming 50 Shades movie, assuming one is still made.  Come on, girls!  Make it happen!  But there is one thing stopping me.  One thing that would make me reading my…

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