Marketing Tips #1



Hello authors,

We are all struggling to market our books, to get the word out there to the public and to reach readers who will possibly love reading our work. We are all here to help and support each other. How do we make use of the internet and other social media to have our own group of fans or followers who are interested in our writing journey?

IBP is going to share marketing tips with you  every week. We will let you know what you can do to have a good support system from fellow authors and bloggers out there! 

So, marketing tips #1 for this week:

Make sure you are on Social Media.

Some of you may say that you are already on social media and it is NOT working. Well, have you ever wondered why your strategy is failing? Who is reading your posts? Are there any interaction? How are you helping other authors and bloggers?

– Professional appearance on social media counts! Have an author page on Facebook, a separate Twitter author account and other social media profiles just for you to update about your writing journey. This will keep your personal life away from your writing updates. 

– If you have a group of author friends, ask their help to post your author page on their profile. Nothing beats personal endorsement. Ask your author friends to introduce you to their fans and get them to follow/like your page. Be sure to return the favour ! 

– Are you updating something valuable for your audience. Well, if you are an author of a Health & Lifestyle book, you can post some interesting tips for your readers consistently. May be giving away a little from your book won’t hurt. At least, they will get to know the level of your experience and knowledge on the topic you write. 

– Some of you also blog consistently. Blogging is essential to keep in touch with your audience. You will be able to create a group of fans even before you are done writing your book. 

Send us your feedback about our very first marketing tips. See you guys again next week. We welcome any guest posts from you, our beloved followers. If you have any writing tips or promo updates, please let us know your blog links and we will repost it!

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3 thoughts on “Marketing Tips #1

  1. Great post Jas. I don’t see a place where you have all the book trailers. You might want to post them so that others can see your work and ours.. Just a thought..

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