It’s okay if you don’t get laid tonight…

Smart Girl Sex

I stumbled upon this fantastic essay by AngieUp, titled, Son, It’s okay if you don’t get laid tonight.  I loved her attitude toward, and view of her son’s sexuality.  She starts:

“Hey kid. You’re at an age where I’m pretty sure you’re about to have sex soon, or actually, you might even already be having it and you’re just *that* good at keeping it from me. I don’t really fret over that because I trust you.”

I love that she was brave enough to admit that her child is getting older, to not get caught in the trap of keeping him “innocent” by pretending he doesn’t think about sex.  Instead she made sex a natural, normal part of life and growing up.  She did everything in her power to prepare him for the time when he would decide to become sexually active.  Let’s face it, (remember when you were 12, 15…

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