Why I Think This World Should End

Why am I not surprised?

The Writer Next Door | Vashti Q

Some of you read the title to this post and were probably shocked by it. It isn’t like me––an optimist––to post something like this. It isn’t what you think. I watched this video and it moved me to tears. There’s so much truth in his words. Some people will be offended––the truth offends some people. If I offend you it’s not what I wanted. I believe this video should be watched and shared. You let me know what you think in the comments below.

Why I Think This World Should End 

YouTube – Prince Ea

If you don’t know what ‘twerking’ is, lookhere.

Over 30 SanDiego Students Suspended For a Twerking Video!Over 30 San Diego Students Suspended For a Twerking Video!

Litter_garbage_pollutionPolluted beaches

pollution–oilBig Oil causing Big Havoc

Residuos-solidos-1024x713Why is this a dump site?

Destruction of Forests in IndiaDestruction of Forests in India

Dolphins Slaughtered in JapanDolphins Slaughtered in Japan

Deadly Shootings in ChicagoDeadly Shootings in Chicago

why I think this world should endRiots in Missouri

Florida zombie attack victim – Ron PoppoFlorida zombie attack victim – Ron…

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