Are We Raising Feminists The Right Way?

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Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, who went with Aladdin to see the whole world!
How wrong can that be?

We are living in an era where we focus on individualism, and we advocate for feminism now more than the past. But, in the process of trying to form strong individuals in the society, are we forgetting that we are all human beings and that it is our nature to live harmoniously with the society by helping people around us and loving them for who they are?

Feminists often fight for women and men to be treated equally and in the process of raising a feminist society, women are often told to do eveything a man can do so that they would not need to depend on men to get things done. The entire feminism movement stems from the century-long oppression that women faced, which made women in this era to step up and fend for themselves.

It\’s not true that our mothers are better wives than us, they are just better in concealing pains and traumas than us.

However, as we are trying to raise a feminist society, are we actually solving the root cause of the issue or creating an issue that we need to address down the road? Are we raising men the right way, and are mothers teaching boys to be more compassionate, loving and respectful towards women?

So, I recently came across an Instagram video post by an #instagramkid star, Madison Jade, whose video went viral as she said Princess Jasmine doesn\’t need Aladdin to go see the whole world. The video fetched a lot of positive comments from the audience.

However, we all know that Princess Jasmine wanted to ascend the throne of Agrabah. Disney has definitely improved the character of the female lead quite a lot as compared to the original version, thanks to the feminism movement! Princess Jasmine wanting to see the whole world and Aladdin bringing her on the magic carpet is not a sign of the princess being weak, but rather an act of accepting the affection from Aladdin, who loves her.

Are we being overtly defensive?

Are we being a little too hard up and refuse to feel vulnerable? Or we afraid that men, even twenty years from now, would not treat women right that we need to raise or girls to be their own hero, and rescue themselves? Are we insinuating the fact that \”men are men\” and that men will not change?

While it is definitely important to have a high self-esteem and to be able to stand on our own feet, I think we should not deny the fact that, at the end of the day, women need men, and vice versa, to love a fulfilling life. After all, we are all just walking each other home. Can\’t we let our guards down and be more loving and compassionate towards each other?

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8 thoughts on “Are We Raising Feminists The Right Way?

  1. Good insights. But a part of the problem if I may add, lies in the believed concept of feminism. Why should women be treated special? Why should they be given more advantages than men? Man is egoistic and takes such measures as fancies of a child. This also could have contributed to the immense incidents of violence against women in recent times. Men and women are equal. Period. Two sides of the same coin. Only their emblems are different. I would suggest to forget feminism or even being a male chauvinist. How about some humanism? (Out-of-the-box thoughts of an Author.)

  2. Now, let me give you an example. In those days, when men were the sole bread winner of the family, the women took charge of the household welfare. When women were supported financially without discrimination, not treated second to men because they were financially independent, we saw wowen asking for less privileges. However, over the course of time, when divorce rate increased, when women are being abandoned by husbands, and when women start to work because men cannot provide enough for the family, enters the whole need for priviliges for women at work place etc., because women are now doing more than the men, and in many households, the household chores still belong to women although both the husband and wives are working.On the other hand, yes, I agree that we should start to look into treating both sexes the same and be less extreme when it comes to feminism

  3. The trend is to write stories about strong, independent women. But what happens when those women have children and have to reduce their working hours or find out it's not worth trying to work at all because the cost of childcare is too high? Women can be independent on their own, but it's a different ball game when there's a baby involved. I wouldn't have liked to raise two sons without the help of my husband, who by the way said he felt great pressure and stress to provide for the family when our boys were small. Men and women will never be equal. Men are physically stronger and always will be. Reality is they usually are paid more, and they have the upper body strength which enables them to do many things that women cannot. However, most heterosexual men consciously seek out women to make their lives complete. Men and women complement each other. It's up to the woman to make sure her partner does his share of the household tasks. Too many women run around looking after men, and they come to expect it.

  4. Thank you so much for dropping by the blog! Yes, I agree that wanting be the Supermom who does everything the daddy does and still be able to provide to the family financially, can be achieved, but at a risk of losing happiness along the way, especially if one doesn't choose to take over both roles!If men and women choose to both be working parents, then both have to share the household tasks, and it is not just the responsibility of the women to get the work at home done. Also, too many mother raised their sons to think that the household chores belong to women. This has to be rectified.

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