How Self-Love Helps Identify What Love Feels Like

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Self-Love Helps You Identify What Is Good For You
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    It\’s February 14th and the world is celebrating Valentine\’s Day. This year, we all probably could use more love than ever before as the world is still grappling with the pandemic and its aftermath. Many lost their livelihood, had their mental health at stake, and even lost their loved ones due to Covid-19. I think, today is also a day that reminds us how life is actually short, and that we all should make the most out of every occasion, as next year is not guaranteed for all.

    If you have been following my posts, in my previous post, I had mentioned briefly how invested I am in self-discovery and development books and programs, and how I stumbled upon a coaching program that assisted me in uncovering a lot of toxic traits and decade-long conditioning layered deep beneath the subconscious mind that I am trying to detangle.

    Throughout this journey, I have also learned how to trust my gut feelings better, and understand how to decipher negative feelings. I am certainly more aware of my thought processes and it sometimes baffles me how I get answers to things I am pondering on out of the blue. Getting introspective seems like a whole lot of joyful process as you learn to work on yourself by decoding the cues you get from the universe.

    One of the recent observations I gained includes the process of understanding what feels good and what doesn\’t, no matter how good things perceive to be. This includes understanding how people treat me, and what their motives are in general. Not so long ago, I used to fear connections a lot. I fear if people are good and I always wonder if I would be deceived. As a result, I have always distanced myself from truly forming new connections. One funny thing happened not too long ago and I think it would perfectly fit this post, to illustrate how fear can stop us from connecting with ourselves and others.

    I went to the shopping mall a few days ago to get an organic shampoo, when I was greeted by a salesperson, trying to direct me to the correct shelf. I was taken aback a little and I thought she was about to promote something I don\’t need. I quickly regained my awareness, and instead of being withdrawn, I connected with her genuinely. When we fear connection, we fear that we run the risk of being deceived by people, because we don\’t trust ourselves and our ability to decipher energies and vibes we get around people enough. 
    When you fear connection, you project low vibrational energy. If you would like to be loved, you should give love, and when you are operating from a state of fear, what you want and how you behave are not in alignment with one another, and therefore, you\’d also be denied the love you need. I no longer fear connection as I pay attention to how people treat me and discard people I deem not genuine from my life. This is how we identify what love feels like and who fits our life the best.
    I had a fabulous day, and I hope this Valentine\’s Day was a great one for you too!
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