Look Who Is Misusing The Swastika

Avoid Misconception
The Hindu Swastika
This post is specially dedicated to +BV Bharati . I got the inspiration to write on this issue after reading her post about how the Nazis have been using this symbol which caused great amount of confusion among people of different cultures across the world. Do you know what differs the Nazi version of “Swastika” symbol from the Hindu version of it? I bet most of you do not know the difference and add me to the list too. I know that the difference exist but I wasn’t sure until I google-searched about it today. The above image is how the Hindu Swastika looks like. And the image below is what the Nazis use. 
The Nazi Swastika
So, back to the main issue here. Bharati posted this post on her blog. She was explaining about how a holy or sacred symbol became unholy due to the negative image portrayed by Hitler and Nazis. About two days ago, Manchester United apologizes over ‘swastika’ logo. Now, how sure are we that only the Nazis and people from other associations are involved in this propaganda? 
About a couple of months back in Malaysia, the police force was seen in action when they arrested about 30-50 gangster groups with the respective leaders. Do you know that some of these gangs comprise of Hindus and they actually use Swastika as their symbol? They even tattoo this sign/symbol on their bodies. So when the police was looking for suspects, the public who had this symbol on their vehicles also got caught!
Isn’t that sad to see our own people degrading the holy symbol? On top of that, I went out the other day with my favourite Lee Cooper T-shirt, a sleeveless one. The uncle who sells snacks stopped me and told me not to wear it anymore. I was puzzled. Later, he told me that my T-shirt had the number ’08’ printed on it and coincidentally it was the name of one of the gangs that were caught! There goes my favourite T-shirt! I’m not wearing it at public places for the time being. 
I think, sometimes people dig their own graves by embarrassing their own kind at public! We do not need the Nazis now for this purpose! 

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Lessons Learnt 4 Years Away From Home

Running Away From Home

You really thought I ran away from home huh? Kidding. I was away from home to pursue my higher studies and now back HOME. As of June 2013, it has been 4 years I’m away from home, learning to handle life somehow on my own and I think after all these years, I could make a good conclusion on what I have learned so far while running life according to my own instinct. So what lessons did I acquired?

I was attached to a local Technical University after my STPM (which is equivalent to what we all know as A level). I was offered a degree course in Chemical Engineering in June 2009 and now I’m done with it after 4 years. It was indeed the first time away from home and that was when I left my comfort zone to learn life apart from what the books taught me.

I feel those 4 years made me into a different person altogether. I may not have changed very much from the way I look but internally, my thoughts and attitudes have been shaped better. If you are a student who just started off your university life or about to go into your future university or higher education institution, I hope you would start learning life altogether, not just looking into what the books have to say. If you do so, you are losing a part of your valuable life and I certainly feel sorry for students who fail to think out of the education scope. These are the conclusions I could make now after the bitter-sweet ride of 4 years.

1. Screw People Aside
The one complicated thing about anything we deal with everywhere is people. From businesses, politics, family, relationship and friends, everything is a mess because people don’t have parallel thoughts with you. I’m not saying you should disregard everyone but there are very little people who are genuinely interested in your well-being. So know who are they and always cherish your relationship with them. Never count on someone who would stab you from the back. I learnt to never really sweat on things happening with people as people come and go in life and all you should know is that you have done good from your part.

2. Keep Your Focus On Your Goals
One thing that keeps your life spicy is having goals in life. These aims are the reason for you to get up and out from your bed. When you have reasonably beneficial goals, you will be focused in life and nothing could distract you from getting what you want. You don’t just live a life at college for a piece of paper that tells your boss you qualified exams alone. I felt I should have pursued writing two years back when I created the blog, yes THIS blog, for my English class (Academic Report Writing I think) and I have abandoned it after three months.

3. Time Is Gold
My lessons in life within that 4 years also taught me that I should appreciate time. Procrastinating is not going to lead us anywhere and I think once you have found the purpose of you living, you will regret time wasted and would never want to waste your time anymore. You will be more grounded. Make use of time to gain as much as you can; knowledge, money and experiences. They say life starts at 40, but I’m not 40 yet to comment on that. Nevertheless, I can say that life starts the moment you want it to get started.

4. Jump Out Of Your Comfort Zone
If you are going to be an ordinary student going to class, sitting for exams and passing with flying colours, you will eventually regret your boring schedule. Take a risk. Of course a calculated risk, do what you have always liked doing or ever dreamed of doing before. Go to the gym, keep yourself fit. At the end of a tiring day, a sense of accomplishment would follow and that is the reason for a peaceful sleep and also the reason for you to wake up the next day.

It’s your life and you choose how to live it. So live it your way in your own terms and grab success your way. Thank you for reading and it will be so nice to have your say on my posts in the comment section regarding your lessons

Democracy Is Dying!!

Too frustrated to post this up now on the ”clean” Malaysian election. Wait for the updates!

We are all mourning the death of democracy at our country. We are frustrated and deeply irritated with the fact that there were fraudulent during our election. Despite all these anger and outrages, what we have learned from GE 13 are:

1) We are UNITED
For some reason now, we are all united, we are against the ruling government not because of racial intolerance. We have stood together, Malay, Chinese and Indian, to VOICE our opinion out. That is the real victory.

2)  We are GETTING there
We have come this far against the cronies. We have shown improvement for the a CHANGE. We broke the majority votes the ruling government had. Despite the Bangla illegal voters and frauds, we still did made a change!

3) Voice out for YOURSELVES
The government is not going to help you if you don’t help yourself. This election has waken up more citizens. 85% of people came out to cast their vote. This means the level of awareness has been drastically increased. YOU as an individual should make the CHANGE

4) Say NO to racism
We have learned to say no to racism! We have learned that we shouldn’t give in to the racial sparks. This is the real victory.

What we can should do more:

1) Check your voting STATUS
Many were fooled during last minute as they realised they were not listed among the voters list. My friend is one of them. He has voted before so he has not checked as his name should be registered, logically. So don’t give in to these act of fraudulent. Check your names against 6 months earlier at least.

2) Get everyone register as VOTERS
I’m not sure how much effect does this post of mine going to impose, some of you may remember, some of you not. The best thing to do for yourself and family is to get all your family members who are 21 and above to register as voters and vote

3) Don’t quit VOTING
My father and grandparents who were voters for so many years did not complain much or said they are not going to vote. So all the first time voters and young voters, continue voting. You will make the MAGIC one day!

4) Support the PROTEST
Support the NGO’s who are protesting against the EC for fair election and cleaner Malaysia as a whole. Show your support by educating people around you on what they are supposed to know.

5) Don’t be a FOOL
If you are someone who are afraid of voting against the government, this message goes to you. No one would catch you and put you behind the bars for exercising your rights. Stop being the world class fool!

6) Be EC Election Agents
For those who could do this, you ought to be the EC watching agents on the day of poll! I guess that would increase transparency. Have more people of all races join in for this.

Last but not least, life has to go on. This is our country. You can’t run away and live in other place when you can’t fight for your rights here, the place where you were born. I applaud the act of the public chasing the phantom voters away! That was mind-blowing!

Love you Malaysia!

Your Instinct IS Smarter Than You!

This is based on my personal experience! I believe everyone else has gone through something similar. But, just to highlight some stuffs I feel about instinct and how it could always save you from trouble by LISTENING to it. When does your instinct gets stronger, when will it fade?
Instinct, is a complex human behaviour. Have you ever felt very uneasy while leaving your house to work, like something is holding you back and tells you not to go? You ignore the feelings and make yourself feel better by telling yourself it’s nothing only to find out that it was meant as a hint or warning for a road disaster that’s yet to happen. 
Instinct is heavily based on experience! What does a fisherman’s instinct says when he sees a school of fishes lying dead by the beach? It triggers a tsunami warning. When someone says you need experience in a field where you work in when you apply for a job, it means that things you pick up by seeing, hearing and doing are as equally important as your theoretical knowledge. In engineering, your logic and intuition should work at its best to make predictions. 
So, getting back to what I wanted to discuss. I personally feel instinct helps you to avoid a lot of mess in life, only if you give a chance to your inner voice to rise. Your instinct speaks on almost everything you do and perhaps that’s a sign of someone being alive. Your inner voice would tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. It would suggest you that something isn’t going the right way and you may want to double-check on it. When I listen or pay heed to what my instinct says, I was always on the right track and it saves my life most of the time from miseries. There was a point in my life when I was approached by a group of senior girls in my school and I never felt good about them that I instantly knew I would get into trouble if I talk to them any longer. I was right. They were bunch of problematic students!
Your inner voice speaks at different intensity. When you choose to listen to it, it speaks for you all the time and it speaks louder as you decide to search for it. When you ignore it, the voice fades of sooner or later that you feel it doesn’t alert you on anything anymore. You tend to do the wrong thing and get swayed from your track. When you get involved in wrong activities, your instinct would instantly alert you that it’s not right, you take a second to digest and accept that fact but the next minute when you decide to ignore it, your inner voice fades and it stops giving alerts. You continue having fun in the road taken until something really bad hits you then you wake up from your so-called sweet phase and analyse what went wrong. You realise that you have failed your instinct and hence comes all the mess! 
I guess everyone should start analysing what they feel about something and take their time to learn what it tries to imply. If you genuinely feel good about what you are doing, then you are probably on the right track. What does your instinct says now? My instinct says I should stop rambling and get back to work ! 

Road To Forgiving

        Many of us would have gotten hurt. People would have wronged us in the past and it would have dramatically changed or affected our lives in some way we would never have ever imagined. It hurts us so badly we sometimes choose to hurt them back, plot evil revenge or harbour resentment or grudge against them. Somehow life goes on with each passing day and despite many things that life has to offer, we are entangled in the past, unwillingly choosing to dwell on the not-so-nice events in our lives and continue to hurt people who have made us feel miserable. We all know that trying to hurt someone constantly through our mind doesn’t do any good and in fact it makes us feel so negative about our lives. So we learn to let go.    
       Trying to let go of our past is actually one step closer to what we call the act of forgiving. With or without our realisation, we tend to discard the grudge we had on the people in our past when we decide to let go something. But that is not something very easy. Today, we see the good side of us, happily letting go of the past and some other day sooner or later when some event that is related to our bitter past hurts our emotions, we quickly shift back to the state of hurting them in our thoughts. Sometimes, this can be really torturous as we are travelling back and forth in the effort to move in. 
      So, forgiving is the way to be happy and project our lives ahead into positivity and the real challenge lies in materialising it. How is that ever possible?

1) Make The Best Lesson Out Of Hurtful Events 

        You can’t forgive someone so easily for what they have done to us. This is pretty common and it’s normal to feel so. At the same time, you can’t dwell on what has happened and refusing to see the goodness in life. One way someone would let the past go completely is when they have really moved on in life and achieved so much that when they look back to the road they have travelled, the events that have hurt them so badly do not touch their emotions any more. 
        Take this as a chance to really work hard to do what brings happiness into your life. Discover what are your life’s desires and what you are good at. Make effort to turn your dreams into reality. Go as far as you can and embrace all the good things life has to offer. Never settle for something that is not satisfying your quest to dream and achieve. By doing this, you will give yourself a chance to say that you have turned a disastrous incident into a stepping-stone in your life and you will let go of your past and the people behind it. 

2) Discover Activities That Helps Combat Negativity

          In the midst of feeling so good about how your life is changing and being excited about it, sometimes you do fall back into the negative thoughts. If you don’t do anything to combat these thoughts, it will eventually drag you in it for the rest of the day. So, as soon as you discover that something is pulling you back from feeling good about a brand new day, pause your work a while and quickly get yourself to do something that helps you combat negativity. It can be anything like hitting gymnasium or reading self-empowerment book or meditating. Discover what helps you the most in times like this which will be the best remedy to get you back on track. 

3)  Leave It On Karma

          There will always be a constant need to revenge people who has wronged us. There is something called  karma, or nature’s way of serving people with what they deserve. We often neglect this fact and continue to take the responsibility of ensuring them getting punished for their deeds. One best relieve we can get is by having faith that karma will do it’s work. Trust in God and tell yourself you don’t have to burden yourself with resentment as nature has it’s way to deal with every good and bad people do to you, and vice versa. If you are lucky enough God will let you watch it! 
Let the past be the best teacher and plan the future with life’s lessons. Good night everybody! Wake up to a better morning!