How Much Does Google Know About You?

Internet Security Is An Issue You Should Be Bothered About
Have you ever wished to have a unique name for yourself? How many people do you exactly know having the same name as yours?
If you think you have come across more than 5 people sharing your first name and if you are not happy, I will tell you why I, for the first time ever, felt bad for having a unique name. Before I start blogging this year, there wasn’t anything much about myself on the internet. Even after I started blogging, I don’t remember finding anything much on Google when I ‘google’ myself. I did not know my blogging activity can take off so fast and I quickly became addicted to it. I found awesome people via blogging and I am going places now.
I tried ‘googling’ for my name a couple of days before and I was horrified to know that Google actually knows a lot more about myself than I thought it could ever know. First issue here is my name. It can be easily googled since there aren’t many with the same name as mine. I never knew using real name can cause a big effect towards my privacy in the virtual world.
I used to register for new websites using my name because I don’t need to think a lot about the suitable nickname and it will be easier to deal with mailing and billing (although I don’t really buy things from internet). The search engines will actually locate your activities online easily with your details. I found almost everything when I tried searching for my name. This include the blog I have commented on before, the websites I have registered using my real name and there was also a website by the name of I was taken aback when I saw that as I can’t recall when I have registered on that website!!
Yes, Google actually knows a lot about you! Have you realised that you need to use your ‘real’ name now when you are creating an account on Google +? I am having a G+ email and that particular G+ account is not the one I use for socialising. So upon knowing the ugly fact about Google, I have deleted that account but my gmail remained active. The next day when I logged in to check my mail, Google asked me to fill up my real name and put up a profile picture. I tried faking my name but it keeps saying invalid name and it even says that there wasn’t any face detected on my profile picture I newly uploaded (as it was an illustration). Now, are we obliged to have an account on all Google products when we are using even only one of its product?
It is so obvious that google is trying to take over the world with the amount of information it stores about each and every individual who are browsing online. There is no privacy at all and their ‘dynamic’ privacy policy which keeps changing is also another way to completely rip our personal life off.
I found everything and everyone’s images when I googled for my name. All those lovely bloggers who used to comment on my blog, their pictures appear in the search result because I am somehow associated to them. Isn’t that scary? Today I made the first move to modify the existing accounts under my real name as I don’t feel safe anymore about my online presence. 
I think with your details on the internet, people can easily stalk you and find information about you within a blink of an eye. Apart from that, scammers are everywhere! They are waiting to steal your information. If you find that you are having an account on some strange looking websites, don’t be surprised. After all, how safe can our details be although giant companies claim that they are keeping all details secured. Be sure about what you post online too and do not expose your pictures online as anyone can grab them, edit them and use for their own business purposes. I think you would have heard about pictures of girls being misused etc. 
Apart from that, I think nobody really bothers and should no bother to do know about my details if I were to appear under a pen name. I personally do not care if you know my name. Writing using our own name has always earned the user a better credibility and audience tend to trust them more. I acknowledge that fact but at the same time, we have many other awesome blogs and blog writers using nicknames to hide their real identity from the public. What do you have to say about this? Do you care for the content of the blog or website or are you placing an emphasis on the background of the writer or founder of the website?
I would love to hear from you! Registered & Protected  HMG6-MZ9D-6ZAU-NB7A
I welcome your thoughts and views ! 😀 Thank you for your feedback

The Gadgetified Society

My mom got her new Tab! For a moment I thought we have our freedom more now since she is glued to her new gadget, we would be left alone to do what we want with our gadgets. The only time my mom came looking for us was when she needed some help with her new gadget and all four of us were in one corner of the house doing our own stuffs in our own world with our our gadgets!
I have been greatly frustrated with the advancement in technology at times. This is because I feel there is less human connection with the presence of it. I used to look forward to coming home so much to have some time together with family where we could sit in a circle on a bed and talk all day long but ever since the day we all got our own gadgets, things change. We may sit next to each other, being physically present with my loved ones, but in reality each one of us would be browsing something or getting connected with someone from the virtual world. At times, I feel its better to just call and talk to them or just ‘see’ them through Skype. Imagine when you need to see each other and speak out something when your family or friends seems busy in their own world! Isn’t that freaking frustrating? 
So my mom was getting used to her tablet, and I purposely sent her the picture you see above, to her mail box and she was already reading it even before I walked from my room to the hall! And we had a good laugh together! While the internet and gadgets are good source of communication and it connects you with your loved ones when they are far away from you, you should never take them for granted when they are around. Keep your stuffs away and speak to them more, they matter the most!

How To Network With Your Blog

 I have gone frenzy with blogs and blogging networks that I have just joined more than five blogging network online available. I could hardly remember what and where I have signed up for but today I really found some interesting stuffs to find bloggers of similar interest with you, where you can grow your blog and advertise it too. I’ll have a hard time recalling the web pages and perhaps I should jot it down as a self-reminder! I’ll be back to discuss about it.

Back! I have a few pages that I found could help promoting oneself as a writer and to share more with fellow bloggers and writer.

1. Glipho
Glipho is an exciting page that extracts your articles on blogspot and wordpress to be displayed on your glipho homepage. One of the advantages here is that it links your article to many other networks and you can easily have your page on pinterest and twitter. So this is like all in all page. On top of that, you article is open to discussion and feedback so that’s an added reward for joining glipho. Here is the link to my glipho

2. Networkedblogs
One of the remarkable criteria of networkblog is that it links your article directly to your own blogger or wordpress page. This means your page will get more traffic as your readers grow. This page also allows auto-publishing to your various other social networks. It saves your time publishing your work on different pages. Here is how NetworkBlog page looks like.

3. Blogher
Blogher is a platform to showcase your work on issues related to women. It’s a large social and blogging network for women in general which will give you an opportunity to be recognised as a writer. This page brings news all over the world pertaining social issues on women, therefore it expands your social circle. Here is how blogher page looks like.

4. About Me
About.Me is an awesome page that tells things about you. You can attach short bio of yourself, view and review your friend’s page, add a link of this page to your e-mail, and most importantly this page allows you to link all your social media accounts on your profile. It auto-updates your blogs and you can view the page analytic!!! This tells you exactly how many people interacts with your application and social media pages. To promote yourself, get a good bio on this page! It makes wonders! This is My page!

5. Disqus
Disqus enables you to add features that aids in flexible commenting system. Imagine someone lands on your page from Facebook, they don’t have G+ account, it will make things difficult for them and discourage people to make comments. This is especially for G+ users who have enabled the G+ comments on their blogs. There won’t be any ways for people beside G+ users to comment on your post. Enable this great feature and import all your old comments into Disqus.

This post will be updated as I discover more useful pages related to blogging world! Stay tuned!