\’Breast Ironing\’ In Cameroon To Avoid Rape and Delay Puberty

Mothers ‘iron’ daughters breasts to delay puberty and prevent rape

We all know that every society deals with its own issues of discrimination against women. We have societies dealing with rape in night clubs, child bride issues, the \’dowry\’ or \’wedding gift\’ custom, birth control and abortions. But in Cameroon, little girls go through hell in the name \’protection\’ by their very own mothers.

Rape and child pregnancies are very common in Cameroon and mothers over there decide to iron their girls\’ breasts to delay puberty and prevent rape. So, flat breast don\’t attract men! Meh! It is a new tradition due to sexual violence in Cameroon where girls will be forced to get their breasts ironed as early as 11. They would simply grab any objects, heat them up and press it on the girls\’ breasts. These girls cry so hard but all their mothers say is that it is for their \’own good\’. Good? So, has the rape cases drop over the years? 

What happens to these girls as they grow up is horrifying as they develop diseases due to this practice. Some have cysts, some have infections and some have their breast looking extremely bad and non-symmetrical. The psychological disorder these girls develop is even worse. They grow up to feel bad about their appearance and the trauma remains in their heart, forever!

There a now a group of women activist with more than 10,000 members are now fighting for the younger generation and the campaign is showing positive results as the percentage of women affected by this practice has dropped to 12 from 25% in 2006.

It is obvious that we all should stay united in fighting for the rights of women and any form of injustice. Are you girls aware of what\’s going on around the world? Do they know how to protect themselves from men who sweet-talk? Do you teach them to become women who knows their worth? 
Do your part today. Let\’s do not let another generation of women to define their worth based on their looks or approval from men. 

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Hudson\’s Sexist Remarks

Hudson\’s Stupidity Was Unbelievable

Today, my mother and I went to the local supermarket nearby to buy some groceries. We headed to the food department where they sell sweets and other junk food. I was looking for something to eat and I thought it was good to buy some snacks. I got some Cloud Nine chocolates while my mother was searching for sweets and that\’s when I saw Hudson\’s sweets. I have never really seen Hudson\’s sweets in packets before so I picked one of it up and flipped the packet! Guess what I saw?!

Hudson\’s #1
\”When your little son asks you to show him how to make his own babies… Hudson\’s soothes life\’s little irritation.\”

Hudson\’s #2
\” When you wife asks you if she looks fat in her new dress… Hudson\’s soothes life\’s little irritations \”
Hudson\’s #3
 \”When your boss asks your honest opinion about his new hairstyle… Hudson\’s soothes life\’s little irritations\”
Hudson\’s at the Store
Hudson\’s and its nonsense!
Hudson\’s, you are not soothing life\’s little irritations, you are inducing frustration and irritations! 
I just can\’t understand what makes Hudson\’s feel so cool about its promotion or marketing method by incorporating such rubbish at its packaging. Obviously, this is not the only product that promotes wrong messages and supports movements that don\’t benefit mankind. I feel one of ways to stop discrimination is by boycotting products and businesses. That would create stress in their business and eventually force them to do stop monopolizing the market with marketing that has negative impacts on people. 
I stopped buying Gardenia bread we have over here when I knew it was taken over forcefully by some people using political influence. I will include Hudson\’s now in the list!

I sent them a feedback. Let\’s see what will their response be. 
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3 Things That Accelerates Sexual Assaults

So after some time ranting on election fraudulent, I’m back to discuss this up as it has been on my draft lists for so long. 3 things that accelerates sexual assaults!

# 1 Ownership On Woman

When man and woman get married, the woman is often viewed as a possession. How many of you acknowledge woman who is forced to have sex with her husband as rape? That too is infringement on women’s right and as society views woman as someone belonged to her husband, the man takes charge of everything and forces sex upon his wife outside her will. Woman on the other hand thinks that she is meant to satisfy her partner and gives in to her forceful husband.

# 2 Endowing Men The Authority

Society has long endowed men with the authority that allows them to take women for granted. This inevitably allows men to treat women the way they want and blame women for their misery. This is why men think it is okay to blame women for rapes. That includes women’s behaviour and their dressing sense which are blamed for provoking sexual arousal on men.

# 3 Pornography

Why pornography? Because it has served as a platform to disseminate the above mentioned ideas. More often than not, women are objectified in pornography and they are being used merely as sex toys to please men on bed. Nothing more than that! 

Traits of An Ass – The Male Chauvinist

Look at the picture, look at the comment

Im dedicating this blog post for fellow blogger and friend +Arunesh Dwivedi for coming up with his own thoughts on the same picture and comments I’m discussing about. His blog post can be viewed here

Why wouldn’t I get furious? Why wouldn’t I feel like bashing someone up? I happened to see this beautiful picture with very deep meaning, that is not suggesting anything obscene, a picture which I thought worth sharing for its message but upon reading the comments I have decided to share this on my blog post to convey my own message!

That old man, yes, the one who brilliantly related this picture to male orgasm out of the blue! I went to check his profile out! What I saw was nothing but his blog posts which he shared on his page (which wasn’t entertained by anyone anyway). A blog dedicated to show the world how filthy his mind could be and how disrespectful he is towards women! 
Now, we all have access to adult jokes and we do come across them every now and then. But, relating a picture like this to sexuality is an act of an ass! There is a need to draw a limit to everything and this man has clearly swayed from the limit of addressing something to sexual jokes! The never ending rape cases and violence against women are a result of people with sick mentalities like this. Why?

1. Objectifying Women

    Men like that Mr. Malhotra take women merely as an object, purely to satisfy their uncontrollable sexual pleasure. Just like greed and jealousy, when one fails to control his/her emotions, identify and analyse what is taking control over him/her, he/she falls prey to the play of the mind and feelings! When someone gets engrossed in sexual issues, they fail to see a woman as a human being. Excessive sexuality would undeniably lead to unhealthy communication with people around you and that’s when women are objectified! Their eyes go beyond face while talking to women and all they do is to check out on women’s physical attributes. Ask them why, they say men are like that, they tend to be so! Plain trait of a male chauvinist! 
2. Man As The Superior Sex

    While glancing through his page, I found a post with its title suggesting young women marrying older men for money! This purely suggests that men like him having a cheap perception on women, that women can be bought and they are something that can be owned! Men like Malhotra can never respect another woman or treat her with equality. He can never do justice neither to his family nor his wife! They are always in a pathetic perception that men could treat ladies anyway they want and it’s the women’s responsibility to uphold their dignity and safeguard themselves! 
3. Ignoring Violence Against Women

    Today, I read on two articles relating to India. One man called a minister was saying that women get raped because they act in such suggestive manner. Another news is about a 14 year old boy raping a 6 year old girl in Dehli. I feel both these news are closely related to the issue I’m discussing now. When men like Malhotra become ministers, these are the news you could expect to hear on a daily basis. The family of the 5 year old kid who got raped was given some amount of money to close the case down by the police force. People like these are the root cause of the evil bedevilling the society and corrupting them to the extent that women seems to be the second sex forever in the eye of the world! 
To those who think its okay to harm a kid for your male orgasm, I suggest you to dig a hole and shove your thing inside! Let the innocent child alone unharmed!

That F,B and S Words In Between Sentences: It’s Your Mantra?

        So you think you are fucking cool to use the “fuck” word in between all fucking sentences and you think you can fucking scare the shit out of everyone? You think that fucking word is so fucking fantabulous and it adds force into your fucking emotions and expression? You think only you can fucking use it and it shows how fucking open-minded you are????
I’ll show you why it’s doesn’t make you any fucking cool and fantastic!!
     Abusing someone doesn’t mean you need to hurt then physically. Abusing someone is not just about raping or verbally ill-treating them with words like hardcore nut or pig-headed fool. Abusing includes the word “fuck”, “slut” and “bitch”. None of these words I can find through my phone dictionary while typing and I’ve got to type word by word. So, even software knows it’s derogatory, what makes you think you are the highest form of life if you are one of them using it?
     Three reasons why all forms of abusive natures should come to an end to kill discrimination and violence!

1.  Mind Your Words, It Reflects Who You Are
     What you say is what personifies yourself. We are so concern about cultivating good attitude that would lift up our children’s personality. Just like how you should watch your attitude, you should also watch what you say. Not only bad attitudes could stinks, but also the foul words you use towards others. When you project positive attitudes, you get back the positive vibes from nature. So mind you language, make a difference in what and how you speak so others would respect you. 
2.  You Are Degrading Your Own Kind
     Women, you got watch this out. Calling other women slut and bitch doesn’t make you any greater than them. What makes you think that men should respect women when you yourself degrade other women? I have been reading some ungodly incidents on how cruel men can be towards women. While we are so furious blaming men for that incidents (you all know what incidents that have been shaking the world over and over again), why not make a change in the way we treat people and our own womenfolk!!
3.  It Adds Oil To Abusive Nature 
     Abusive nature of humankind doesn’t emerge all of a sudden. The way a person who truly respects someone else as a person will watch what they say and how they behave. Even at worst scenarios, their reflection of anger would be of low abusive nature. If one could be abusive verbally, then it doesn’t take a long time for him/her to be physically abusive. Stop portraying a negative image of yourself, only then can you spread kindness and humanity. 
I believe you will be humane enough to treat another mankind the way you would want to be treated!! Stop the use of foul language. It really isn’t cool!!