What Is True About True?

A True Gift

It was a casual day with me going through the internet, blogging and getting distracted from what I was supposed to be doing which is applying for jobs. I had and still having a good time having absolutely, I mean it, absolutely nothing to worry about at home. So there was this day I could still remember. I was going through a few blogs of authors and writers as they appear on my news feed on my Google + homepage. There is a huge network of authors over here with people like Alana, Adrianna and Vashti being so warm and welcoming. In fact, through these people and other friends on writers’ community, I am getting to know awesome blogs and writers. So, I remember going through a new blog belonging to a whole new person, Melinda Field and the first thing I saw on her blog was about her book and I quickly learned that she is a writer. I left a comment on her blog as I found her book very intriguing and little did I know she would be mailing me soon about her book. I received this book together with her beautiful wisdom card a month ago and I had so much fun reading it. 

Something about Melinda that might catch your interest:

Melinda Field is an award winning writer/poet/playwright who lives in the mountains of Northern California. A version of her short story The Ledge, excerpted from True, was an award winner in the Lorian Hemingway International Short Story Competition. She has authored three sets of ​wisdom cards with photographic artist Lani Phillips, that were created to inspire and empower women of all ages on a daily basis. They are Wisdom of the Crone, Wonder of the Mother and The Journey. The cards can be viewed at www.wisewomenink.com. Melinda is currently working on a sequel to True.
She has been a wonderful support within a short period of time knowing her and I would like to thank her for amazing guidance. It really means a lot to me Melinda. 🙂 You can read her blog at this link and her official page here
True, from my point of view, is a story told in the most natural and genuine way. It is highly relatable to our daily life, with the good and the bad coming together in the same journey of life. The book starts off with Caterina Ramos, being a stubborn child, forced to go to her grandmother’s place after her mother has been sent to the prison for prostitution and drug abuse. Caterina goes to school nearby and there she sees a bunch of terrible boys who bullies her. Later, she becomes the victim of rape when these boys take advantage of her. Her grandmother Jenny passes away hearing this, and Emma, one of the horsewomen takes care of Cat while she continues her pregnancy.
The story evolves beautifully and peacefully emphasizing on the true friendship between these horsewomen and how they help each other to overcome life and death. Melinda is currently working on the second book and I can’t wait to buy it next. Get her book at Amazon

I welcome your thoughts and views ! 😀 Thank you for your feedback


God Take Over: I Am Finished

God Take Over: I Am Finished
Difficult times in life can be very devastating. Some can cope with the hardship and come out of it to be a better person, whereas some get out of track, gets mislead and never come back to the journey he or she is supposed to be travelling on. What differs these two different group of people? What are the connection between tough times and spirituality and most importantly God?
The one who loses hope fast are the ones who never get their spiritual strength renewed. They seemed to be seeing more negativity in life more than the goodness it has to offer. With hatred in heart, they become someone they are not, from good to bad, disseminating the negative aura and vibes to everyone surrounding them. Life and negativity win them over. People who embraced success and faith in life are those who were able to see the bright side of difficulties. They had hope with the future. And the hope came in the form of God. 
God Take Over: I Am Finished. A Cry For Mercy When Suffering Seems Unfair is a book written by Christine Agada, based on her own life’s trial and tribulations as she struggled in life, willingly and sometimes unwillingly submits to God’s will. Catherine beautifully captures the message that if we choose to seek God’s help and allow God to take control of our life, our faith would be restored and our souls will be revitalised. 
By applying the ultimate message in this book: where human senses, strength, power, abilities, knowledge, and intelligence end, God’s supremacy begins, one would realise the strength weakness has and turn it into a stepping stone for success and peace of mind. 

It is an inspirational, spiritual and personal growth book that would restore your relationship with man and God. For those who say God is Nowhere, this book would show you that God is Now Here and opens your eyes to faith, peace and spirituality, taking you one step closer to God.
Her book can be purchased at http://www.createspace.com/4263363

Couch Potato Politics: Why America Is Screwed Up And Why It’s Our Own Damn Fault

Couch Potato Politics: Why America Is Screwed Up And Why It’s Our Own Damn Fault

Couch Potato Politics: Why America Is Screwed Up And Why It’s Our Own Damn Fault by Mark A. Prior

A Book Review

Before I start with my reviews on this book I read, I would want to say that EVERYONE, I mean every single person anywhere in the world would be able to relate to at least 70% of this book very much because what Mark discusses in his book concerns all of us. Why? Because every damn single government functions almost the similar way all around the world. So, this is just not for Americans. This is for all of us.
This is a very newly published non-fiction book. The author’s motive in writing this book is to highlight the issues happening in America that are very destructible and how its very own people have been the reason behind it. Mark is not an economist or a guy with political background. He is a common like the rest of us. The book is written in a layman’s language,one just needs to be able to read to understand what he is saying. It touches on a few very important issues concerning the situation in America in which everyone could relate to, agreeing or disagreeing to what have been highlighted by him, but most of you would agree to what he has to say. Why?
I like the fact that he has touched on the media to begin with and how it has been highly monopolised by the business people and providing news that is heavily biased or with poor informative quality. He has gone in depth discussing how each media plays a bad role as a news agent and finally comes to his conclusion of how the ESPN provides news which is unbiased. On another hand, I loved the fact that he has brought forth on objectifying women in the news media where people are often swayed from listening to the information it is trying to disseminate. The fault comes back falling on the viewers as they choose to watch news that is misleading or purely basing on gossips. He has also clearly explained how the journalists were ‘bought’ by the media so easily that their journalistic value doesn’t hold anymore. 
The another important issue concerning America that Mark has discussed which I highly second is the policy on Gun Control, the same old seasoned yet highly debatable issue of all time in American history. What is interesting is the fact that he has highlighted about how the Gun Control Law is not going to stop people from committing crime and killings. I personally feel the level of the discussion could have gone in depth touching clearly how having the gun control law wouldn’t make a change when the main underlying cause of the issue has not been tackled yet. The author could have taken the readers to the future portraying how the society would react when there are still gun-based violence happening with the Gun Control Law and how the government would be blamed still for not being able to arrest the situation. If gun violence should stop, then people like Adam Lanza should stop committing such crimes and the responsibility falls back on each and every citizen to know that the gun isn’t for the purpose of murdering someone else. 
This book has also another element that makes it interesting which is the “People Worth Your Time” section featuring people who Mark finds interesting and inspiring. Overall, this book is a good read for everyone who has concern for the current situation in the country. A voice from people like you and made into a book.

Shame by Jasvinder Sanghera

Shame by Jasvinder Sanghera
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During the book sale by Big Bad Wolf, I managed to grab Shame for RM 8 the moment my eyes caught this book. While I took hours to shop for books going for sale at ridiculously cheap price, I never hesitated or had a second thought to make up my mind on this one! I have seen this book a few years back when I visited a close friend’s house where they had this book and I had an opportunity to flip through the book. I loved the theme the author was discussing in this book instantly and the image of the book cover got imprinted on my mind. 
So, when I saw this book selling at RM 8, I just couldn’t resist. I bought it and I’m glad for the fact that I grabbed the chance to read this book. I am now in the very beginning stage of the book where the story unfolds about Jasvinder being forced to marry someone she barely knew at the age of 14. She flees away from home with the boy of her choice, who is from the lower caste, and Jasvinder was subjected for her family’s curse. She was finally disowned by her family. I just couldn’t believe how someone can be so mean to their own child who has chosen her own path of life and most importantly how strong beliefs and cultural restrictions could be so detrimental to a society. 
I did some background study and found that Jasvinder is now an activist advocating women’s rights especially those who are subjected to forced marriage. She is also the co-founder of Karma Nirvana. I am looking forward to reading her terrifying true story further as the story develops and reveals what happens next especially the family’s reaction knowing that she is now someone successful. 
I have read the book. By the time I finish Chapter 1, I was getting chocked up with the extreme hostility in Jas’ house. By the end of Chapter 2, I was completely hating the mother.

Shame has traveled from her little word in Derby to every corner of the world where this book made its debut. It is not about Jasvinder’s embarrassment, it is about her family’s! And about how the culture has made its people to look ugly in the eye of a stranger. I believe, you, the one reading this, would feel so lucky being born and raised in a different culture. I could relate to her story so much because I have seen people living life such way.

Jas’ story would make your heart skip a beat, make you want to cry and feel so bad deep inside for what has happened to her. Above all, Shame will open your eyes to the horror in some women’s world. Jas’ story has moved me so much and me feel like living in her shoes and experiencing her life which seems so real.

Read it!! It will change your perspective on cultures and people. 

The Island of Lote

The Island Of Lote by Emily Kinney – A Book Review

Have you all watched Life of Pi? Well, honestly when I was reading this book, I was reminded of that movie. A wonderful movie that transports you into the world of that boy and makes you life in fantasy virtually! If you liked that movie I’m sure you would closely relate to this amazing book by Emily Kinney!
This book has what it takes to make yourself glued to it so much and finds yourself getting attached to the main character named Milo. I feel Emily has done a very great job in giving birth to this character. As I was reading about Emily, a young author, I found out that she dislike being ordinary and there is always this wanting within her to be different or extraordinary and I think that has been reflected greatly in her character by the name of Milo. 
So who is Milo? Milo is a young girl about 16 years who moves from one place to another following her parents who shifts places. Milo has a very attractive character. She is rebellious and stands firm for her opinion. In other words, she is assertive. You would fall in love with the character from the first paragraph of the first page itself. Here, Emily did a good job in narrating the story! Milo’s life takes an unexpected shift when she accidentally says ”Yes”, one word that changes her life dramatically. 
Another special feature of this book is the unexpected twists and the way the plot progresses. Milo undergoes several huge changes in her life that makes us the readers want to read more and more. The book incorporates romance with young adult fiction genre that relates fantasy closely to reality. A story of fantasy that isn’t exaggerated and falls beautiful naturally. The Island of Lote is a newly published book that gains huge reviews on popular book stores like Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes and Noble. 
Emily Kinney is a young author from Maine, who has finally had her book published after many years of struggling. She is a great lover of books and storytelling in any form. You can get connected to her book through this links:


For more review, check out fiverr.com/jasveena

54 Simple Truths: How to Face the Challenges of Life

54 Simple Truths: How To Face the Challenges of Life by Michael Wash – A book review

“Where is happiness?”, many people would ask. In this competitive and challenging world, life’s hardship often takes a toll on us and pushes us into deep misery. We may have everything one could ever dream of having and yet still be in pursuit of happiness. Some finds happiness in money, some others in people they love. But all these doesn’t last long.
Why? Because happiness can be found within yourself only!
Reading this book by Micheal Wash made me realise that life is not fair and we have got to live with it! It’s an eye-opening read as it makes you think for yourself why human choose to stay in comfort zone forever and never admits to the fact that life is a blend of good and bad! Michael has clearly outlined his thoughts in his book on the negative sides of life and why we have to accept it with an open heart in order to move on. 
Read this book and you will know why making mistakes, falling out of love, facing the pain of death and being lost in life are completely normal and you will be able to let go of the heavy baggage of guilt you have been carrying with you all these while. It is a book that brings you to the state of contemplation whereby you will learn to accept yourself and forgive yourself for your own mistakes!
This book is a great self-help work that aids you in understanding your stance in life and it teaches you how to take the good with the bad, accepting the fact fully and looking at the brighter side in life. Discard the resentment and your life will flourish! 

Why 54?
The answer will be revealed in Mike’s next book. But if anyone can guess the right answer then you will get a free copy of a book of your choice from the 54 series. 

Michael Wash is a highly responsive consultant who has worked with complex environments. His pages can be found in the following links:

The Millionaire Dropout: Fire your Boss. Do What You Love. Reclaim Your life !

The Millionaire Dropout by Vince Stanzione: A Book Review 
Hate your job? You feel life is going monotonously with your 8-5 daily routine? Then this book is definitely a must-read for you. 
We all have gone through a point of crossroad in life where we decide between what we like and what rewards us most when it comes to choosing a career. I’m now at that point where I would be out of university and start the working life. But guess what, not much of us do what we like. We somehow end up doing something that is believed to bring success and money all our lives that turns out to be false. Life becomes miserable and we start reflecting upon us on what defines success. 
Satisfaction comes when we do something out of our heart. It is in fact one of the ways to cope with life’s trials and tribulations. It gives you peacefulness. And satisfaction doesn’t always come with the job you choose to do. 
It has been a good time reading this book which highlights the greatest insights of how one should take control of his/her life, make and safe money! Very compelling self-empowerment work which gives you some sense of spirits and power upon completion of reading it. 
The author has break his thoughts down into three parts; 1) Taking Control of Your Life 2) Making Money 3) Saving Money. It helps you to identify your hidden talents and ability as you progress through the book and gives excellent inputs on business, how to market your work, make money from it and the most compelling part is his guides on how to save money. 
I will say that The Millionaire Dropout is a must read for all doing business and looking for motivation EVERYONE! Grab you copies at:
The author of this book, Vince Stanzione is a UK born self-made multimillionaire. He is active in telecommunications, publishing and financial trading. To read more about him and his book, get yourself directed to these pages:

Women Behaving Badly by Alana Munro

A book review on Women Behaving Badly by Alana Munro +Alana Munro

I am greatly attracted towards this book as it discusses some useful insights on women’s attitude! Ever seen men sustaining their friendship better with other men? And women picking up some petty arguments among their group of girls and soon parting ways to become all time foes. We also often hear women complimenting each other is just an act to please each other when in reality they have a lot of things to be said behind their back! Men on the other hand, shrug any issues that are discomforting them which could possibly break friendships off with great ease!

This is the issue discussed in Alana Munro’s compelling book. It provides great inside with some blatant truth on women’s friendship and how women fail to empower each other in real life. I feel it’s a great read for any woman who thinks women’s friendship should be brought to the next level for betterment. It also serves as an eye-opening read for those advocating feminism and self-empowerment, as this book reveals what women need to do for themselves first before fighting for gender equality.

Reading this book will make you realise how traumatic and disastrous can one’s life be due to women behaving badly and to what extent it could make an impact, often in the negative ways on our lives. I’m very excited as someone has chosen this rare issue to be made a book to create awareness among all ladies generally! Girls compete with each other, real women empower each other.

+Alana Munro is an author living in Australia and you can read more about her mind-blowing work by clicking on these links to her page:

AlanaMunroAuthor – the official page of Alana
Amazon link – purchase her book via Amazon
Facebook – Facebook link. Get connected!

Have a good read everyone!

Three Cups Of Tea: A Man With Unbroken Promise

           The announcement of book-sale at my university has kept me so excited of getting another book to read on. As a non-fiction book lover, I used to enjoy reading book that educates and exposes me to new cultures especially stories that revolves the lives of Middle-Eastern society. It makes you feel you are physically there, transporting your soul to their society and make you live their life! So, while I was browsing through the stacks of books, I found Three Cups of Tea. And I was able to quickly remember the book as it was one of the books I have seen before. With a glance through the summary at the back of the book, I decided to have it home. 
         I have read many stories from Middle East, but this one particularly is a proof for how kindness without prejudice and discrimination succeeded in winning the heart of villagers from different culture all together. If you are someone who can appreciate a book and it’s story without caring much about the style of writing and some crap book reviews you may find over the internet, then this book is WORTH a read!! I’ll tell you why!!

1. Education: Empowering Women, The Architecture of A Society 

           What happens in this book is basically, Greg Mortenson, a mountaineer who was helped by mountain villagers in Pakistan. In return, he made a promise to build schools for them to eradicate poverty and improving education level of their children. Greg believes that educating women is as important as educating the boys as educated women will be able to lift the society’s status and shape the mind of the young ones. The villagers, who are Muslims, were convinced with his effort and started to enrol their girls to schools. I was astonished with the fact that one man with a will to bring about changes has out-powered the ability of a country’s government. The responsibility to educate children lies solely on the government of a country and that’s where all the funding and effort should come from. But, beyond that, Greg has inspired lives of many young girls with the opportunity to have a balanced education. Educating girls changes the world. 

2. Kindness Wins Over Hatred 

          We all are well aware of the issues between the West and the Middle-East. While the social stigma of  the West and the Middle East hating each other still strongly prevails, Greg has proven that the act of kindness to people from any society will win the hatred and prejudice that marred their vision towards the goodness in people of other race. Greg was strongly opposed by some of his fellow countrymen when the World Trade Center was attacked, viewing his aid to people in Pakistan as an act of betrayal to his country whereas some of them do realise the importance of educating people in Pakistan which will lead to change of perception towards the West. It was also beautifully portrayed in the book how Muslims were also against terrorism and judging a society based on some of its people is truly atrocious. 

3. A Promise Never Broken

        Keeping one’s word to do a small favour is fine. But building schools for a society without funding, that’s WOW! I think, little would the people of Korphe expected that Greg would finally return to make schools for their children. Many mountaineers would have came and left Korphe with empty promises but the act of a man living up to his word is really inspiring and on top of that, how the schools have changed the lives of girls are magnificent and an eye-opening story!! 
Of all the things we can do for women, empowering them with education tops them all as that’s the weapon against gender discrimination.