How The Universe Kicked My Butt

A picture from my solo trip
A picture from my solo trip
How the universe kicked my butt
My lecturer called me one fine day, saying that he is seeing many fresh graduates posting on LinkedIn about their difficulties in finding jobs and how some companies are bias when selecting candidates and even when they are all qualified, they have to wait for jobs and for that one chance to break through a career. 
He called me and said the posts on LinkedIn inspired him to come up with ideas to write a book for fresh graduates entitled The Sin of A Fresh Graduate. 
He said he knows my passion for books and writing and thus wants me to write two chapters for the book. 
I\’m already into the book and publishing industry but I never wrote a book before this although I have a plan to write one. It\’s my dream to have my existing book business go big.
Little did I know that this is how the universe conspires to kick my butt and get me doing what I wanted to do.
I wrote the two chapters, and the gist of the chapters is basically encouraging graduates to think out of the box and explore all possibilities including entrepreneurship.
Now, writing the chapters has forced me to walk the talk. It has encouraged me to dive into entrepreneurship again now that I\’m free from depression, and I have to make sure that the book is going to be a best seller because I\’m in the industry already and I need to be successful to run a successful business.
It\’s just amazing how the universe conspires to force you and kick you in the butt to make sure you become what you preach.

Special Edition 100th Blog Post: What Really Matters In Your Career?

Seize The Opportunity

Okay, I know some of you will be wondering where is the video blog or vlog that I promised I\’d be doing. This is the 100th blog post on Thoughts and Views That Matter! A milestone to be remembered and cherished in my blogging journey! I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all my FABULOUS READERS who have been following my posts. Special thanks to a few FANTABULOUS readers who never fail to follow each and every post I write. I truly appreciate your feedback and I would like to thank everyone who has nominated me for blog awards and interviewed me on their blog! It is such an honour to be interviewed by bloggers and to be given a place to shine in spotlight for a while! Special thanks to The Glipho team as well for interviewing me for their Meet A Glipher project! That made me go WOW!

Why is this a special edition blog post? Is it just because it\’s the 100th blog post? NO! It is supposed to be even merrier with my video blog but really, right now, I look freaking terrible so I would keep that for upcoming posts! (I will do it). Today is the day I stepped into my working life! Friday, 15th November 2013. What have I learned today?

I am a Chemical Engineering graduate and I live in the world where everyone(every graduate) fights for a job that is said to be the best for them. Everyone wants to be in the Oil and Gas field just because it pays well. Little did we know that it is not a bed of roses. You will be physically challenged. You need to work under pressure and some graduates still do not find satisfaction in the job they do. That\’s merely because they are not sure what is best for themselves.

I joined my work today at a place where the business is really new. It is less than a year old. But, I am looking at the brighter opportunities that lie ahead of me and I am grabbing them as I could see opportunities better than disadvantages. I learned that as you try to get a stronger grip of life, that\’s when you loose more. When you let go of the need to have control over life, it surprises you with a lot of possibilities.

No matter what you do, you should have a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. I am not saying my job would get merrier day by day, but doing what you love matters. I\’m glad that 2013 has blessed me with soooo many good news. Way to go!!! Yeay!!! Registered & Protected  HMG6-MZ9D-6ZAU-NB7A
I welcome your thoughts and views ! 😀 Thank you for your feedback