That F,B and S Words In Between Sentences: It’s Your Mantra?

        So you think you are fucking cool to use the “fuck” word in between all fucking sentences and you think you can fucking scare the shit out of everyone? You think that fucking word is so fucking fantabulous and it adds force into your fucking emotions and expression? You think only you can fucking use it and it shows how fucking open-minded you are????
I’ll show you why it’s doesn’t make you any fucking cool and fantastic!!
     Abusing someone doesn’t mean you need to hurt then physically. Abusing someone is not just about raping or verbally ill-treating them with words like hardcore nut or pig-headed fool. Abusing includes the word “fuck”, “slut” and “bitch”. None of these words I can find through my phone dictionary while typing and I’ve got to type word by word. So, even software knows it’s derogatory, what makes you think you are the highest form of life if you are one of them using it?
     Three reasons why all forms of abusive natures should come to an end to kill discrimination and violence!

1.  Mind Your Words, It Reflects Who You Are
     What you say is what personifies yourself. We are so concern about cultivating good attitude that would lift up our children’s personality. Just like how you should watch your attitude, you should also watch what you say. Not only bad attitudes could stinks, but also the foul words you use towards others. When you project positive attitudes, you get back the positive vibes from nature. So mind you language, make a difference in what and how you speak so others would respect you. 
2.  You Are Degrading Your Own Kind
     Women, you got watch this out. Calling other women slut and bitch doesn’t make you any greater than them. What makes you think that men should respect women when you yourself degrade other women? I have been reading some ungodly incidents on how cruel men can be towards women. While we are so furious blaming men for that incidents (you all know what incidents that have been shaking the world over and over again), why not make a change in the way we treat people and our own womenfolk!!
3.  It Adds Oil To Abusive Nature 
     Abusive nature of humankind doesn’t emerge all of a sudden. The way a person who truly respects someone else as a person will watch what they say and how they behave. Even at worst scenarios, their reflection of anger would be of low abusive nature. If one could be abusive verbally, then it doesn’t take a long time for him/her to be physically abusive. Stop portraying a negative image of yourself, only then can you spread kindness and humanity. 
I believe you will be humane enough to treat another mankind the way you would want to be treated!! Stop the use of foul language. It really isn’t cool!!