Push The Limits Further !

              Staying encouraged and determined pursuing something we have always been passionate about lifts our spirit high up. Nevertheless, as soon as you get hit down by hardship, the thoughts of giving up slowly poisons the mind. How do we push the limits beyond to make it happen?
Be back with extended posts after my first job interview tomorrow!! Keeping fingers crossed!!
             Back to blog! Interview went super well! Keeping fingers crossed for the results of it. Having a positive mind and thoughts are very vital in getting positive feedbacks from life. What you give life is what you get in return. Push the limits beyond and make things happen! 

Crave For What You Want

               When life gives you hundreds of  hints your effort is failing, give life a thousands of reasons why it should happen. Determination and willpower are one of the essential formula of success in making dreams reality. We should tell ourselves that we should push the hardship behind and look at the opportunity that lies ahead. Look at the blessings in life and how fortunate we are as compared to those who are struggling for basic needs of life. Make use of all you have in life, crave for what you want, think of it, concentrate on it and make it happen! Seize the moment, it’s the road to success. 

Make The Pain Worth It

              Whatever the circumstances are, be it good or bad, you should always remember : Let the past go but don’t forget the lessons. You may have gone through real hell and came out of it, torn apart. Now, when things seems to get a little brighter, always remember, it took a great deal of hardship to learn something life ought to teach you. LEARN it now and never repeat the history. Tell yourself that you should keep succeeding and keep moving forward to leave behind the dark past, far away. Double the dose of happiness in life to eradicate the pain you experienced. In that way, you win over the hardship and eventually get stronger than ever in life! 

Nothing Is Enough

            There’s no limit for success and achievements. You should not surrender for something that you don’t deserve. Go all the way while you still can and make your dreams happen. NEVER feel satisfied with what you have and where you are in life. Don’t give in to that feelings of having enough in life. That will eventually inhibit your ability and imagination. Always take one bad event as a lesson for a lifetime and steer the wheel of life towards positivity, go, go and go!!