Why I’m Into Social Psychology Class?

Social Psychology
I’m not sure how many of you know the existence of an educational website called Coursera. I think it is definitely fun to join in the fun of learning with the other students across the world from different cultural backgrounds. I joined a course earlier called Rhetorical Writing somewhere in May this year and the response was overwhelming from the participant, but the only drawback of the course was the duration of it that lasted for about ten weeks. So I was not able to commit fully as my final examination was nearing at that point of time. Since I’m home now and I’m trying to occupy my time with a lot of useful activities, I joined Social Psychology class that commences this week. 
What draws my attention to this class? I love to learn different subjects that educates me with a concept I can apply in my daily life. I feel social psychology is an important aspect in understanding the complexity of human being and the problems that follow when we fail at it. History, Geography and Science have intrigued me to a great extend when I was at school as I feel those subjects deliver knowledge as a package. With this class, I hope to be able to handle human better and look at psychology from a whole new perspective. It is going to last only for 6 weeks, so I am sure this can be managed well. On top of that, I will be granted ‘Certificate of Completion’ when I complete the course successfully. Oh yeah, this is a FREE course, so while you laze around in the internet, why not learn something useful and that too for free? 🙂
I welcome you thoughts and views ! 😀 Thank you for your feedback