How To Sit With The Winners

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Sit with the winners, the conversation will be different.

It will surely be different. In fact, more often than not, when we speak to someone who make us go \”wow\”, we feel that they are just miles and miles away from where we are right now that it is a tad difficult to even understand the life they are living, let alone the kind of mindset they have.

However, the moment we are home, the motivation slowly fades away and we quickly become complacent if we do not do something to keep that \”conversation\” going. The best thing we can do is to listen to motivational podcasts and watch our favourite role models\’ talks. But how do we ensure that we emulate them in real life and it is not just going to be another podcast we listen to and let the day slip by without really measuring where we are in life? How do we upgrade our circle to attract the life we want?

Now, to have a network of high-flyers is something we all think is pretty cool. However, it takes a lot of effort from our end to change our mindset, to think like a winner, to talk like a winner and to behave like a winner.

Eight months into my business has taught me a lot of things. I have connected with the like-minded people on Facebook and attended events relevant to my interest. I have picked up Yoga and love the vibes I get from those practicing this century-old art. Friends I make from this class are so inspiring; they eat clean and practice mindfulness. I am so grateful to have been drawn towards these communities as they vibe higher in life and motivates me to become better.

I think it is not how fast we can be a part of the high-flying network. It is the little changes we do in life that helps us to transform our daily lives. A changed lifestyle will lead to a changed mindset, and a changed mindset will be a lead magnet to draw those winners we eventually want to be a part of with.

How Inner Work Changes Our Mind and Body
How Inner Work Changes Our Mind and Body
Image Credit: Awwmemes

I am definitely still a work-in-progress and I get paranoid when a strategy fails. I procastinate when I feel pranoid or disturbed mentally, and most importantly it scares the shit out of me still to be accountable of failed plans and audit my business strategies. Because it forces to evaluate who I am, and what went wrong. As an entrepreneur, everything I do reflects who I am. I need to have the tenacity to keep things going and listen to my intuition to truly see what works best.

To have this ability, I should first align my thoughts and emotions, see where my energy is being spent every day and be a better version of myself. Most importantly, creating a business of value requires being a person of value. I think this is the greatest challenge one can have and I am so glad to have chosen this path to live life of my own terms, although I am still a work-in-progress.

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