People’s Power: GE13 Malaysia

Fellow Malaysians,

It’s time to vote again!!! As the election fever is on everywhere in Malaysia, I would like to urge all of you who have registered as voters, to move you ass and VOTE! Each vote counts! I have gone to vote today at my polling station and the crowd was overwhelming. Things to note on:

1)Be extra cautious and vigilant when you take your ballot paper as the damn ink doesn’t dry at all and it can cause your vote to be counted as spoiled vote if you smear the ink on your ballot paper!! I checked the ballot papers if it is free from any markings!! ANY small markings will render you vote void so ask for a new ballot paper. You have the rights to do so.

2)Check your voting booth’s number and this will make you move faster to the polling both! I have learned that the polling booth #3 and #4 are for the young voters. So if you are a young voter, go to these lines to make your voting process faster.

3)Look around for phantom voters. You know how they look like. Don’t tell me you can’t identify fellow Malaysians. 🙂

4)I have no idea why we are given pen instead of pencil this time round but anyhow there are extra 10% ballot papers, so if in case you accidentally make a mistake, you could ask for new ones.

5)Keep your mobile phones in silent mode especially when you are already at the pooling booth.

6)You may want to print your registration slip which can be obtained from if at all there is a chaos saying you have voted before or you have not been registered.

Remember, today, we all heroes for a day! Our VOTE counts!! You guys rock!!


Vote! Voice Out!

Why Vote?

Fellow Malaysians,
          I choose to get my thoughts and views on this matter displayed as soon as possible even though there is one post in pending list. The General Election (GE13) of Malaysia is around the corner and the parliament is expected to be dissolved any time upon announcement from Prime Minister. Well, we all know that the upcoming election has become the latest sensation. While some of us are eagerly awaiting to exercise our rights, some others are not even registered as voters and have not decided to vote yet. Why vote? 
1) Vote To Show What You Want 
         Some may be happy with what the government has done. You may feel that throughout the 5 years term, leaders have positively changed the lives of people in Malaysia and you feel this good-deeds has to be continued by the same leaders. Whereas, others may feel disappointed with what’s happening and they need a change and for that, they might feel candidates from other party deserve the chance to show what they can do for the country! So, how is the voice of Malaysia going to be heard? Vote!! You need to appreciate the government and want to see them ruling again? Vote! You don’t want to see them again for another 5 years? Vote!  
        If you are old enough to complain something isn’t working for you, then you are definitely old enough to VOTE. Recall your age! 21 and above? Move your lazy ass and get yourself registered and turn up during voting day! Don’t complain if you didn’t vote. You don’t reserve that rights!
2) Each Vote Counts!
         Yes, each one of your vote, the MALAYSIAN reading this, counts!! You may think that one person not voting is not going to make any changes! Wrong! Each one of you need to go and vote as entire voice of Malaysia has to be heard and that’s what justice is. After all, one vote is all it takes to decide the next 5 years of Malaysia! You may never know the outcome. Exercise your voting rights and show your responsibility towards the place you have been residing since the day of your birth! 
3) Fair Electoral Policies: Doesn’t Matter 
         While we are thriving to have a clean and fair election, it is important to remember not to get emotional into the issue by choosing not to vote unless a clean election is guaranteed! I say vote no matter if the fair electoral policies are being enforced or not! I have to make this clear as I read a status on Facebook sometimes back saying he/she is not voting as he/she has the rights to demand for fair election. 
         Remember, changes happened even without the fair election sometime back, and this only serves to prove that each vote counts. So to those of you under the same impression, stop bickering and vote!
4) All Parties Loot!
           The reality is, like it or not, when someone is in power, apart from all the good things they do, they also take advantages of the position they are in. They will loot and sometimes get astray from their duties. It all happens. As the citizen, we have the power to also remind them that if they were to loot a little too much and do no good to people, then they will be toppled down next! Hence, the focus in serving the people and fulfilling the mandates will be ingrained in our leaders’ mind. With that, we could see the Malaysia we want to see! 
Vote! You can make a difference!