15th Monthsary Message For Boyfriend: 5 Elements To Consider

Looking for creative ideas for 15th monthsary message for boyfriend? First of all, congratulations on hitting the 15th month of your new relationship. Now, why is it that hitting the first year is regarded as an achievement for any relationship?

That is because most relationships do not touch the first year mark according to Dr. Jenn, an award-winning psychotherapist, and even if it does, the honeymoon phase soon starts to fade off and couples will start to have arguments right after their first anniversary.

Therefore, it is only wise for you to be so excited to curate a special 15th monthsary message for boyfriend because you want to express something really deep and meaningful to your partner that would further strengthen your relationship.

Let’s dive into some of the great ideas that you can have in mind when you are curating a message for your boyfriend when celebrating your 15th monthsary.

Don’t forget to check some of the fuss-free date night ideas at the end of this post that may spark some excitement for you to try new things 😉.

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How cute would it be to send this witty dating app greeting card to your boyfriend if you met him through a dating app for one of your monthsaries 😉?

My Experience

In my experience, it is hard to sustain a relationship past the first year mark if the couples are not compatible or they have not given a thorough thought before they decide to jump into a relationship.

If you start a relationship by thinking that you will be able to adjust the differences between the both of you and if you have not really gotten to know your partner properly before committing to one another, a lot of problems will crop up when you are nearing the one-year mark. 

I used to think that the one-year mark is an ultimate test for any relationship because it’s sort of like a curse, you know. In one of my relationships, I broke up right before we hit the first year mark and I actually saw it coming because we were already having arguments and differences in opinions because we did not properly go through dates and we did not understand the importance of courtship back then.

So, if any relationship has passed the one-year mark and is still going strong, particularly if it has hit the 15th month, it can be said that the relationship is headed in the right direction.

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15th Monthsary Message For Boyfriend: 5 Elements To Consider

Here are a few things that you can consider when curating your 15th monthsary message for boyfriend. It is extremely important to sit down and pen your thoughts properly in a way that generally reflects your emotions and expectations for the relationship in the coming years. It has to be a heartfelt message that comes from you. But you can take inspiration from these five elements that you can consider.

  1. What Do You Feel About Hitting 15 Months Together

You can express your feelings like excitement and surprise that you actually pulled through the first year and now it has hit the 15th month. 

“To be honest, since finding a partner and dating is so hard and this era, I never thought that I would find someone that I can be in a relationship with, let alone hit the first year or even 15 months of being together”.

Expressing your feelings in a genuine way will show him how much you mean to him.

  1. What You Like About Him

Take this as an opportunity to also express what you like about him and what you appreciate about him. He would probably read the message with a smile on.

“The way you wake up to me every morning and plant a kiss on my forehead, the way you still pull the door open for me whenever we get out of the house, and the way you hug me from behind, all give me assurance that I’m in the right hands”.

  1. Things You Never Told Him Before

Think about the things that you have never told him before because you were afraid of being embarrassed telling him face to face. Things like “I started checking out on you every day on Facebook, and stalking you secretly without you knowing when we first spoke in the library. I’ve had a crush on you ever since”.

  1. Your Hopes For The Future

“I love the fact that we have started to plan a future here and I’m excited to move in with you after getting a house together. This is definitely one of the most memorable moments in my life and I’m looking forward to cooking your favorite meals and building a life with you”.

Talk about your aspirations and your hopes for the future, as this would also reinforce the importance of planning a future ahead together and not just being in a relationship.

  1. Your Promises and Suggestions To Make Things Better

“As we hit the 15th month of being together, I promise that I will be the best version of myself and I will give you the space that you need to be yourself I look forward to growing together with you. No matter what, I will always be there for you through thick and thin”.

“Let’s plan for more dates and try out different things together. As a start, I will prepare meal plan combinations and we can start experimenting with cooking randomly according to the plans and we can pick what to eat for the coming week together”.

What To Look Forward To In A Relationship?

As exciting as it can be to curate the 15th monthsary message for boyfriend, you can expect more challenges in the future because the both of you will become closer and you will plan a future together.

While some relationships can have a honeymoon phase that lasts up to two years, you should brace yourself for more challenges or changes in the relationship dynamic as you spend more time together.

However, always have the confidence that the fact that you have withered the first year together goes to show that you both have some level of compatibility to make things work. This is because a lot of people do not even cross the first-year mark together.

Fuss-Free, Inexpensive Date Nights and Special Occasion Plannings

Try scheduling date nights and always have these things prepared at home for a sudden surprise for your partner: 

1) Fragrance candles that will never break the bank- I love them and you can use them even as a single woman to embrace sexuality and create a relaxing environment at home. I would suggest you get a few different varieties and line them up on your TV console, and light up a few different combinations, to create a different experience for each date.

2) Inexpensive sexy lingeries and night robes – this is pretty much self-explanatory, but wearing a robe on top will give a good reason for dry humping 😋.

3) Great sensual massage oils for date nights – If you are curious about how to use the oils in the link given, here’s a guide on how to use the massage oils

4) Cute living room lighting to create a warm ambiance – I can’t recommend this enough as I have a great living room and I think the combination of yellow low light and blue LED light creates a fantastic purple hue that engulfs my living room – making it look like a great space to crash after a tiring day.

5) Quick date-night recipe – what to cook and eat when you are doing an indoor date night? Worry not. Use these specially created date night recipe ideas as they will not take you a long time and also ensure that you have some ideas even if you plan a date night at the very last minute.

6) Quick nail polish 💅🏽 fix – Who doesn’t wanna look great on a date night? A quick nail polish fix will make you look great and it does definitely make you feel good. Use the nail polish curing machine you can get online for a hassle-free process.

7) Surprise undergarments for men – who says undergarments are only for women? Men too can look great in them, and if you have not already known, there are some great pieces for men in the market that you should explore 😋

8) Great mood-setting slow music – I love love saxophone and Kenny G, but if you love exploring music, try different types of songs that fit your liking.

It doesn’t have to be costly, and surprises can be random, to keep the mystery in a relationship alive.

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How do I write my boyfriend’s Monthsary message?

Short 15th Monthsary Message for Boyfriend

  • It’s been 15 months since we started this journey together and I just can’t believe it because it all seems like it started yesterday. 
  • Everyday is beautiful with you and I learned something new about you and our relationship. 
  • Happy monthsary, my darling! Cheers to many more to come.

What is the best message for monthsary?

Message: “Happy monthsary, my love! To be honest, since finding a partner and dating is so hard and this era, I never thought that I would find someone that I can be in a relationship with, let alone hit the first year or even 15 months of being together. Cheers to many more to come”

How do you write a monthsary letter?

Monthsary Message for Girlfriend

  • Baby Girl, you’ve been the greatest blessing of my life and I’m glad you came into my life. 
  • Darling, it’s been 6 months since you said yes and my life has been the best ever since.
  • I found a new reason to be alive and to do life with you. Thank you for choosing me. See you tonight Xx.

What is monthsary?

Monthsaries are monthly commemorations of an event on the date on which couples first become a boyfriend and a girlfriend officially, and monthsaries are small milestones celebrated between couples to keep the spark alive.

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