If You Swipe Left On Bumble Are They Gone Forever? Not Really

If you swipe left on Bumble are they gone forever? Are you here after accidentally swiping left on someone and wondering if you could ever bump into them again? 

I have been on dating apps for many years and I am aware of Bumble’s recent updates in 2024, making me in a position to help you to ease your anxiety. 

One thing I would like to tell you is to not fret when you swipe left on someone because usually when I stress about someone I missed out on, and when I see them around again, they would prove why not matching with them earlier on was a good thing because they behave like jackasses.

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My Experience

I have accidentally swiped left on many people on various dating apps and I have regretted it sometimes especially when I was in my early dating years. However, I have never subscribed to the premium versions of dating apps before which allow you to backtrack and rematch with people that you have accidentally swiped left on.

If you are using the free versions of dating apps, even if you swipe left on someone accidentally, they are actually not gone forever and there is an instant where you will bump into them again. That’s how my ex kept bumping into me until I had to block him on Bumble. 🙄

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Free Vs Paid Bumble Version

No, you might want to know that some differences and privileges are only available for paid versions of any dating app.

If you are not paying to use the dating app, you may not be able to backtrack and rematch with people that you have accidentally swiped left on.

Paid dating app users have a lot more privileges including the ability to backtrack left swipes and rematch with people. So, if you desperately want to match with someone immediately you might want to subscribe to the dating app that you’re using for a month just to be able to backtrack and rematch with them.

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How To Rematch With Them For Free?

  1. Wait For Sometime

I can assure you that after a week also if you run out of matches on Bumble, Bumble will definitely be presenting the old profiles that you have initially swiped left on.

If you are swiping a lot on Bumble, run out of new profiles to show you and I am assuming that this is when Bumble will reshuffle the deck and you will be able to see people that you have seen before but swiped left on Bumble.

  1. Create A New Profile

Another way to do this without paying money is to create a new profile where you would be seeing people that you have swiped left from your old profile very quickly. 

It may mean that you need to register a new account and this could be a hassle for you if you are not comfortable with creating a new account.

But a lot of people create and delete accounts now and then, especially if you date to marry and you come across a lot of flaky guys on dating apps that you want to avoid.

People create new accounts to have a new vibe on dating apps and see new people, so this is not something very uncommon.

How To Hide Someone From Appearing On Your List

  1. Hide Them When You See Their Profile

If you don’t know yet, you can hide people from appearing on your list and they wouldn’t be able to see you as well if you choose to hide them or even report them when you see the profile.

  1. Use Incognito Mode If You Don’t Want Them To See You

You can use incognito mode if you do not want people to see you but you want to keep swiping. What happens is that you would not be appearing on people’s deck of cards on Bumble and this allows you to remain private on Bumble and only decide to match and talk to people that you would want to match with.

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Do Bumble left swipes come back?

Bumble’s backtrack feature actually allows you to correct the mistake that you made when you accidentally swipe left on someone. This is a paid feature that allows you to backtrack as many times as you want in order to rematch and reconsider people that you have swiped left on earlier on

Does Bumble show people again?

Bumble does show people again after some time even if you have swiped left on the initially and this is true if you have run out of new profiles to consider on Bumble. If you have not blocked someone, you will come across the same people again on Bumble.

Can you find someone on Bumble again?

In order to rematch on Bumble, you need to tap on the circle of the expired profile that you would want to match with and rematch with them full stop you also need to send them the first message within 24 hours of matching with them so that you could keep the conversation going on Bumble.

Are left swipes gone forever?

There are only two ways for you to retrieve the left swipe: one is to subscribe to the paid version of the dating app that you are using in order to backtrack the left swipes. The other one is to wait for a while until you have run out of new profiles to swipe on the dating app, after which it will recycle old profiles and you will be able to see all profiles that you have accidentally swiped left on.

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