Can A Guy Change His Mind After Rejecting You: 3 Whys He Will

Can a guy change his mind after rejecting you? Have you heard that men fall in love faster than women, and have you personally experienced this yourself whereby you noticed that men who fall in love first tend to be invested in the relationship more than women? Should women pursue men and will it help to change his mind?

Therefore, are you wondering if there is any possibility for a guy to change his mind after rejecting you? Let’s look into some of the reasons why he will.

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My Experience

Can I change his mind after rejecting you? Based on my experience dating since 2017, usually when a guy is not keen on a girl for very valid reasons, like incompatibilities and probably just the lack of desire to pursue a woman, he will not change his mind no matter what happens full stop this is because I believe that men actually fall in love faster than women.

It does not matter his intention, if a man wants a woman, he would definitely know it the moment he swipes right on you, and also the moment he gets to meet you and talk to you. On the other hand, women actually take a much longer time in order to get to know men and therefore tend to fall in love much later after carefully deciding if the guy they are dating is someone compatible with them.

In other words, women would eventually fall in love with men who pursue them and put in the effort to get to know and understand the importance of courtship during dating.

However, there are exceptions to this because if a man realizes that he judged you too quickly and he is finally ready for a relationship, he will be able to change his mind in order to renew his effort to date you and get to know you. Talk about the importance of timing in two people meeting 😉.

I had to clarify why a guy changed his mind when he matches with me again on a dating app

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Do Guys Reject Girls Hastily?

What primarily drives men is physical attraction when dating, and if a man is emotionally available and is looking for a relationship, this would be a strong factor to drive him to take to you. 

Let’s take dating apps as an example. Men are definitely attracted to good-looking women, and I’ve come across men who swipe right on all women just to get more chances to match with women. Also, men complain that it’s harder to get matches on dating apps than women do.

Men are also usually less judgemental and wouldn’t reject women based on what they feel as soon as they see a woman’s profile. They do give it a chance to go out and get to know women.

Can A Guy Change His Mind After Rejecting You?

Can a guy change his mind after rejecting you? Yes, provided you both did have an ugly fight or if he didn’t reject you based on a very valid reason that seems justified for him (for example: differences in religious beliefs, if you have kids, if you prefer someone earning more that made him feel less and other reasons why things won’t work out between two people).

Here are three scenarios where he can change his mind after rejecting you:

  1. If He Realized He Judged You Too Quickly

A man can actually change his mind about you if he thinks that he judged you too quickly. Probably, when you met him, he was not in the right frame of mind to talk to you and get to know you further. Therefore, probably he would have rejected you without really thinking too much about it.

If at all you both met on a dating app, and probably the conversation did not flow well, and maybe he didn’t have the mental capacity to have patience in order to get to know you further and he might have rejected you at that point in time.

Maybe when you match with him again, things feel like you both just connected for the first time and he might have a different impression about you, a positive impression, and therefore he may change his mind about you.

  1. If He Sees You Improving Yourself and Living Your Life

This has happened a lot to even my friends whereby women get rejected when they are not really in the best position in life. Probably they were not taking care of themselves much. Probably, they were not looking their best. Then, many years down the road, usually, as women age, they tend to look much better and they would improve their physical appearance.

This is also when women started investing in themselves and got much better by improving their lives in terms of career and personal interests. This would then attract men who have rejected them before because now they see these women as women of value and they are attracted to who they have become now. Men are attracted to confident women especially if women can prove that they can go on living a better life without them.

  1. If He Is Finally Ready For A Relationship

Can a guy change his mind after rejecting you? Definitely yes if he is finally ready for a relationship. A guy can reject you if he is not stable in his career, and he is busy investing in himself to stabilize his life. It is difficult for a man to feel confident and prove that he can provide for his women if he is not financially stable.

As a result, men tend to reject women and also relationships in general if they are not ready to enter into a committed relationship. However, if you meet the same guy down the road after a few years when he is much better in life and he has figured out his life, he will be able to commit to you and therefore he can change his mind about you.

What You Need To Remember When A Guy Approaches You Again?

So, let’s just say that a guy has changed his mind about you after rejecting you and he now approaches you again. What do you need to remember and what are the things that you need to consider before you say yes to him?

  1. Are They Prone To Love Bombing Then Ghosting Behaviour?

Emotionally unavailable men will resort to love bombing and then ghosting behavior because they are not sure if they are ready for a relationship. If a man comes back to you after rejecting you and resorts to love-bombing behaviors just to win your attention and then discards you or gets emotionally distant just because you are now starting to show him affection and give him attention, it is very much a sign that he does not know what he wants. At the same time, he also does not want to let you go and therefore comes back to you in order to have your attention.

If a man resorts to unstable behaviors like this, he will not be able to give you what you want in the long run stop therefore, what you need to do when a man comes back to you after rejecting you is to assess his behaviors and understand why he rejected you in the first place and now why he changed his mind.

  1. Are They Simply Toying With Your Emotions?

When a guy knows that you like him and you have a soft spot for him, he may come back to you in order to play with your emotions and get that cheap ego stroke by messing with your attention and emotions.

They do not have the idea to actually commit to a relationship but they project themselves to seem like one so that you continue giving them the attention that they have been getting before. This is extremely toxic and what a narcissistic man would do in order to have control of their victims.

If you notice demeaning behaviors like sarcasm and disrespect from these men especially when you have started to give them attention, this can be a sign of abusive behavior. What you need to do is to ask them for clarification as to why they come back to you. What many women do is to refrain from asking the reason why they got back to them in the fear of not wanting to seem very rigid. However, this is the common pitfall among women who fall victim to the narcissistic trap because failing to draw boundaries will lead you into trouble later.

  1. Are They Coming Back To You Because They Lost The Other Options?

Are they actually coming back to you because they lost the other options? One of the reasons why guys reject women is because they have too many options to choose from and they are actually talking to multiple women at the same time.

It is actually not wrong to do multi-dating, which is to be doing non-exclusive dating. However, if you’re dating after 30 and you are serious about filtering your potential dates, you should not be abruptly keeping people as a placeholder. One should be giving full attention to people that they are dating so that they are not burdened by the paradox of choice when it comes to dating and treat you poorly just because they think that there are better options out there. 

Let’s just say that he actually does not desire you much but he has lost his other options, you can easily find this out by having a conversation with him about exclusivity in dating and see if he is giving an honest answer about dating you exclusively. 

Usually, women or even men will not know if the person that they are dating is dating them exclusively until and unless the topic of exclusivity comes into the conversation. Therefore, if you have already suspected that this particular date of yours has been dating many women in the past and now has changed his mind about you, you should clarify if he is dating others in order to avoid being rejected again.

If he had a clear reason why he rejected you in the past, there should be no reason why he is coming back to you now unless he actually changed his criteria which now fits you in what he is looking for.

What To Do When A Guy Changes His Mind After Rejecting You?

  1. You Should See If He Is Clear About His Decision

The first thing that you should do is to see if he is clear about his decision to date you again. Because, if he is going to reject you and if he has an unstable mind, this is not going to be useful for you. Therefore, try to understand why he is coming back to you and if he understands that dating you is not going to be any different than it was in the past.

You might have not changed much and most importantly you’re not going to change to accommodate his needs.

  1. Try To Understand Why He Rejected You

A guy may not be clear about why he rejected you. And without knowing why he rejected you, you may not also be able to give an informed decision or opinion about his expectations.

Rather than asking him to direct a question like “Why did you reject me last time?”, what you can do is ask him how things have been since you both stopped talking and he had been dating other people in the past and have him explain things in the flow will help you to understand what had happened during the time after he rejected you.

If let’s say he will find out that he is looking for someone who is more career-driven and if he says that he had judged you too quickly, you can ascertain that you’re not a career-driven person indeed and that the both of you may not be a good match. 

It will help him too in understanding that he was right the last time he decided not to pursue you further.

  1. Take It Slow So That You Are Not Driven By Your Emotions

Rather than being driven by your emotions, if at all you like this person, what you can do is to slow things down and start thinking rationally if things are going to be heading in the right direction. It is normal to feel excited about reconnecting with a person that you liked but also keeping expectations low will help you to mitigate rejections or disappointment down the road.

Give it at least a month and four quality dates at least to gauge if this person fulfills your expectations. Remember, the goal of dating is always to see if you like the person more than they like you, and not actually you like them blindly, but whether they fulfill your needs and expectations.

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Do they ever come back after rejecting you?

It mostly boils down to what affects their decision when it comes to relationships. If they no longer think that you’re a complete mismatch and they could compromise on certain aspects, they may come back to give it a try. If not, they may not change their mind.

Does rejecting a guy make him want you more?

Ignoring a guy could make him want you more as this makes the guy want to chase you more. Humans tend to desire what we cannot obtain and this goes to romantic relationships as well. However, if he’s hurt, he may not want you and will not come circling back to you.

How to know if a guy still likes you after you rejected him?

If a guy did not take the rejection personally, he might text and call you occasionally, and still stay connected on social media. If you still has the idea to pursue you, he might try to initiate conversation with you and ask you if you are seeing anyone else. Basically, a guy who still likes you after you have rejected him will not harbor anger or resentment towards you.

Can a guy change his mind about you?

One thing that women need to understand is that changing his mind is ultimately his decision. Only he can change his own mind and you cannot do that for him. Even if we changes his mind, it is most likely because he realizes that he wants something that you have and not because you manage to change his mind. You cannot work hard to change someone’s mind about you.

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