I Rejected Him Now I Miss Him: 5 Ways On How To Reclaim Him Now

I can hear your regrets through your mind that says “I rejected him now I miss him”. And you are wondering if there are any ways to get him back and repent for your mistakes. Before it is too late, let’s dive into the possibilities of reversing your decision and getting him back into your life without it all seeming to be awkward.

Being 35 and single, and having dated a lot, I have quite a bit of an experience in navigating through rejections in general.

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My Experience

I too have experienced situations where I rejected someone and then I regretted my decision. That could be a lot of reasons why we hastily reject someone. This could be because we are not sure if we want to date them or not. This usually happens when a guy is very much interested in us and it may come across as too strong to us. 

In one case, the guy agreed to get to know me further and he was very respectful. In another case, the guy was snobbish and ghosted me after knowing why I texted him.

It does depend a lot on how a guy takes the rejection. If you were kind enough to reject him in the proper manner without hurting his feelings, getting back to him would be easy. However, if you rejected him abruptly and he sees that as an insult, getting back to him would be a task that is impossible. 

When I realized that I rejected him now I miss him, I will get back to him and start a casual conversation asking his whereabouts and how his day has been. I would also try to gauge if he is seeing anyone or if I could pick it up from where we left. If it has only been a couple of weeks, the guy is not invested in any other women yet.

I would then explain my train of thoughts and what had happened before when I rejected him so that he understands where I was coming from. I would also explain how I reevaluated my decision and think through it once again and I now feel that it is good to continue getting to know each other. 

That’s exactly what I did to a guy earlier and we ended up going on a date to get to know each other further and that is solely because I was careful enough to not hurt his feelings when I rejected him and he was still kind enough and he had this soft spot for me to reconsider going out and getting to know each other.

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I Rejected Him Now I Miss Him: Why Did It Happen?

  1. We are not sure if we want to date someone

I rejected him now I miss him. Why did this mistake happen? I’m sure you would have regretted your decision and probably beat yourself up for rejecting someone that you should have given a chance from the beginning. However, it happens because usually we are not sure if we want to date them.

Swipe right or swipe left? How many of you on dating apps contemplate swiping left and swiping right because you’re just not sure if you want to talk to this person. 

This is because we usually have a limited bandwidth to interact with people and we want to get to the end point as soon as possible. We just want a partner. And we do not want to go through the process of getting to know someone.

  1. We try to predict the outcome even before going on a date

If it is not a strong yes, usually we would be reluctant to date someone because we will then start to evaluate the potential outcome and consider their qualifications as well as what they might be able to bring to the table even before we go out on a date with them.

So, when things are 50/50, it is normal for us to accidentally reject someone and then regret our decision.

  1. We have seen worse characters

This is something not commonly spoken about because why we reject people and then we miss them is because in the process of getting to know people, we have seen worse characters then this person.

That’s when you would be thinking “I should have given him a chance because he seemed to be a better person than all the others that I have come across”.

I Rejected Him Now I Miss Him: How To Reclaim Him?

  1. Observe his social media for clues

This is called orbiting where you will be closely monitoring someone’s social media posts and stories in order to see if they are seeing someone. If it has only been a few weeks of you rejecting him, probably he is trying to move on. However, if it has been quite some time come out you might want to check if he is still single.

Try to see if you could get some of the clues to answer your curiosity.

  1. Ask your common friends

If you have common friends, it will be absolutely great to seek their help respectfully by explaining what had happened and you would like them to help you by checking if he is still single and if he is open to dating full stop you could also ask your friend to ask him his opinion about you. 

If he has not described dating you as an unpleasant experience, it goes to show that he is not harboring any anger or resentment towards you.

  1. Strike a casual conversation with him

What you can do is to strike a casual conversation with him by asking him about his day and see if he is replying to your texts in a prompt manner or if he is ignoring you. 

How to know if a guy still likes you after you rejected him?

A guy who still likes you will give you the attention that you need even though you have rejected him in the past. He’ll be willing to talk to you and not ignore you

  1. Let him know your intention in a direct but respectful manner

He might be thinking why you reached out to him and why you are striking casual conversation with him. What you can do is to let him know your intention in a direct but respectful manner. A guy who still has respect for you will listen to you without judgment. He would not disrespect you just because you returned to him to see if things could work out between the both of you.

  1. Be open for rejection

Be open for rejection because it is absolutely dependent on the other person whether they want to accept you or not. If they did not treat you well, what you can do is to pat your back and tell yourself that you have done the best that you think you should do and you should not regret your decision further.

It is also a chance to understand people further where you can evaluate if this person is actually worth investing time and effort because this conflict will let you know how someone handles disagreement.

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Why do I miss him even though I rejected him?

It is normal to be missing someone that is no longer a part of your life. Although you have rejected him, you may feel bad for rejecting someone or what could have transpired from the connection if you’ve not rejected him.

What to do when you miss someone you rejected?

When you miss someone you’ve rejected, it’s mostly because you’ve not found someone else yet and you think you will not find someone. Identify the reasons why the connection did not work out before you decide to drown yourself feeling guilty.

Do guys come back after rejecting you?

It is possible for guys to change their mind after rejecting you. This is because he probably would have realized he made a hasty decision and would like to reconnect to see where things are leading to. 

How do ladies feel after rejecting a man?

Ladies do feel bad and guilty for rejecting men. However, it’s good to remember to reject someone in a proper manner, by considering men’s emotions, and by doing so, ladies would be confident with their decision.

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