How to Communicate Your Disinterest When Receiving Flowers Unexpectedly?

Receiving flowers unexpectedly can catch you off guard, especially if you’re not quite sure how to react to the situation. Imagine this:

It’s a perfect sunny Sunday. You just woke up and while having a lazy Sunday, sipping on your favorite coffee, you hear someone ringing your doorbell. You are pretty sure that it’s not your friends or family members and you’re not quite sure who that could be.

Peeping through the pigeonhole you see a delivery guy with flowers in his hands. You open the door reluctantly with your messy hair and Pajamas,  wondering if the guy got the address wrong. To your surprise, it’s you receiving flowers unexpectedly from a person you are currently dating.

What would you do in that situation, especially if you are not quite sure if you like the person who sent you the flowers?

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A woman receiving flowers unexpectedly

Flowers and Love

Flowers and love have a long history together, and it is a well-known fact that when someone is in love, one of the most obvious ways to convey the feelings to the person that they love is by giving them flowers.

Flowers, especially roses, are known to be the best option to convey love because they symbolize affection, warmth, and care.

During the Victorian era, Floriography served as the intricate ‘language of flowers,’ enabling covert communication through floral arrangements. In a society where emotional expression was often stifled, individuals found solace in conveying sentiments through blooms, allowing even a lone red rose to speak volumes of love.

Therefore, it is not surprising that roses especially have a very particular significance in expressing love and affection for a very long time since the beginning of mankind.

What Does It Mean When You Receive Flowers From Someone You’ve Just Begun Dating

  1. They Like You

Nobody would send flowers randomly, especially if it is from someone that you have just started to date. 

If you are not sick, if it is not your birthday, and if you have not won the best employee award at work, there are no reasons to send you flowers although, flowers are actually not reserved for special occasions. 

However, if this is coming from someone that you have just started to date, who potentially may have romantic interests in you, it could very well mean that they like you. 

Although this may not be sent to express their interest in proposing you to become their partner, this is a clear sign from a man who is already interested in getting to know you and he is expressing this in a clear manner by sending you flowers.

If you call him up to thank him and ask him why he sent the flowers, and if he says that he had simply sent it, you can be assured that he actually likes you and he is just taking the opportunity to send you flowers for no reason.

  1. It Could Turn Out To Be A Proposal

We all know that flowers are sent in the process of courtship, especially by men who realize the importance of courtship. So, if you are receiving flowers unexpectedly, it could be followed up by a romantic proposal by the sender very soon. 

If you are wondering if the guy is shy or not interested in common this could be a clear sign that someone is interested in you. Shy guys tend to do this more, as they feel reluctant to convey emotions through words.

If you call him up to thank him and ask him why he sent the flowers, and if he says he loves you, you have your answer 😝. 

What To Do When Receiving Flowers Unexpectedly 

When receiving flowers unexpectedly, a lot of thoughts can come into our minds. One of the most obvious thoughts is how to react to this. You will be wondering how to react to receiving the bookcase, especially from someone that you have just started dating.

“Do I need to accept these flowers? What do I tell the sender?”

If You Like The Person

This is quite obvious because if you like the person that you’re dating, and if you’re receiving flowers unexpectedly from this person, you would be on Cloud 9 right now.

Thank the person by calling them up. You might still want to ask why they sent the flowers, just to make sure that you are not assuming things yet. It could be a signal that they like you but probably they are still considering other aspects of a relationship, before actually proposing to you.

If You Don’t Quite Like The Person 

If you don’t quite like the person that you’re dating and easily already made up your mind to call it receiving flowers and expectedly from them before you could do so can be really awkward However, it would not be nice to not accept the flowers from the delivery guy.

Accept the flowers. Give them a call the same day to thank them for the lovely gestures but you could politely explain to them how you actually feel about dating them. Rejection is a bitter pill and nobody would want to reject or be rejected. 

However, it is absolutely necessary to be honest and upfront about your feelings, as soon as possible in order to avoid giving people hope.

If You Are On The Fence About Your Date

Now, this could be a little bit difficult. 

If you are on the fence about this person, and you think that you still need time to gauge if you would still want to date this person, receiving flowers expectedly could actually put a lot of pressure on yourself as you find yourself between wanting to be nice and wanting to be honest.

Thank them for the lovely gesture. However, you should make it clear to them that you’re still in the process of getting to know them and you could say something along this line.

“It’s very lovely to send these flowers. It’s been two weeks since we are getting to know each other. I think we have a lot more to get to know about each other. Therefore, let’s continue getting to know each other even better in order to see where this leads to.”

This would give them sufficient hints about what you feel so far about them, and They would avoid having very high hopes for you. 

Returning The Gesture / Exchanging Gifts

If you like the person that you’re dating, of course, the process of returning the gesture or gifting them something nice in return would be easier. You possibly wouldn’t need to wait until it is the birthday of Valentine’s Day in order to send them something special.

However, if you think that you are not ready to reciprocate the feelings, sending them flowers or even gifts could be a little bit tricky especially if you have not made your thoughts clear to them.

One way to make sure that when you send them gifts, they do not take it as a signal that you would want to pick it up from where you left things, is to make sure that they understand that you do not have the intention of pursuing them romantically anymore.

If you are being very good friends with no expectations, sending them gifts for birthdays and special occasions would be a good way to return the sweet gesture.

Can I Be In Good Terms With Them?

This definitely depends on how comfortable you are with the person. If you think that they could be a great friend comma you definitely can be on good terms with them. 

Nevertheless, a lot of people actually secretly stay on good terms with people they have romantic interests in, with the hope that it will turn into something more than just friendship in the future.

One way to test this is by sharing your dating journey with them to see if they actually get jealous. If they do, it might not be a good reason to be in touch with them anymore.

Something To Remember In Your Dating Journey When Receiving Flowers Unexpectedly 

If you are dating, and you receive flowers unexpectedly, although it is not the love of your life, what you need to remember is the fact that you are attracting genuine and honest men.

It is a clear sign that good people are still out there, and you should always wish them well in their dating journey in order for them to also meet the right person so that they can live happily as well.

You should not get discouraged or feel bad about rejecting them if at all you think it is not a great match for you. Always appreciate the little things that people do for you as it is a sign that the universe is sending you an abundance of love your way.

My Experience

Receiving flowers unexpectedly from a guy through Flower Chimp Malaysia, a flower delivery company

Some time ago, I received flowers unexpectedly from a guy that I was dating. Receiving them made me really anxious as I did not know how to react to them. This is mainly because I was not sure how I actually felt about the person yet.

I took some time to get to know the person better, but at the same time also sent him sufficient hints for him to understand that I’m still trying to gauge if this could work out for the long term.

Although eventually did not work out to Blossom into a full-fledged relationship, I still hold the experience of receiving flowers unexpectedly from this guy dear to my heart as it is an incident that shows I am attracting honest and lovable people.

It is Valentine’s Day today (14th Feb 2024) and I wish him well. It is a lovely gesture and something right to do towards people who had been very kind and lovely towards us.

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What does it feel like to receive flowers unexpectedly?

In general, people who receive flowers unexpectedly would feel a heightened sense of happiness and satisfaction. It makes people feel appreciated and loved, and safe and secure. The sudden surge of ‘feel good’ hormones would ease pain and tension in the body.

What does it mean when you receive flowers?

When you receive flowers, it generally means that you are loved and cared for. It means that someone is thinking about you and they care enough about you to send you flowers. Flowers are sent when someone is sick when someone achieved something significant in their lives, or during occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.  Sending flowers is a thoughtful gesture and therefore the receiver would feel more appreciated than merely receiving wishes through text messages or phone calls.

What is the psychology behind receiving flowers?

People feel less depressed, anxious, and agitated. When the receiver receives flowers unexpectedly, it instantly uplifts their mood, alleviating pain and worries, making the receiver feel loved and cared for.

What do you say when receiving flowers?

Some examples of what to say include:

  • “Thank you for bringing such beauty into my day with these flowers!”
  • “These flowers are such a wonderful gesture, thank you!”
  • “Receiving these flowers has truly brightened my day, thank you!”
  • “I’m touched by your kindness, thank you for the beautiful flowers!”

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