Don’t Date Her If A Girl Does These 5 Strange Shameless Things

Don’t date her if she does these five strange shameless things. Looking for clues on when you’re not supposed to date a girl?

We all know that we are not supposed to be dating someone who is not reciprocating efforts, not replying to texts, being too busy, and also playing hard to get, because love is reciprocal.

But what about five strange but shameless things that a girl can do and how can you know you’re not supposed to be dating her?

Let’s dive into some of the weird situations you can come across as a man.

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My Experience

As a woman who has gone on many dates with men, I occasionally come across stories from men who have dated weird and strange women who said funny things that kind of make us think women need to do better when it comes to dating.

As women, we have heard of many rules when it comes to dating, and dating gurus would tell us not to date a man who does not do certain things to impress us. However, there are women too who are being a turn-off when it comes to dating because of their behaviors. 

Apart from being gold diggers, trying to cheat with crocodile tears, and trying to be busy and playing hard to get, we do come across weird stories from men who are taken aback by women who behave rather strangely when it comes to dating.

From putting up grumpy faces, asking men to travel for dates but not turning up for dates, bringing friends for dates and not letting the men know about it earlier, turning up drunk to dates, asking for d**k pictures before the first date, some of the lesser known weird cases of women behaving badly. 

I do sympathize with men who have come across unpleasant experiences when it comes to dating and it makes me understand that we need to treat men equally well if we expect equal treatment from men.

After The First Date, Don’t Date Her Anymore If She:

  1. Asks For Your Intimate Relationship History

Now, a lot of women actually talk about their dating experiences with each other and women who place a lot of importance on sexual intimacy may be concerned about the quality of sex just like men who place importance on the quality of sex in a relationship.

However, if a woman asks for your intimate relationship history even before you have gone on the first date with her, don’t date her. Don’t date her if you are looking for a healthy relationship that leads to marriage. This is because a relationship that is purely based on physical attraction is not a good foundation for a relationship.

Furthermore, isn’t it going to be awkward for you to share your intimate relationship details with a stranger technically?

  1. Asks You To Play Truth or Dare

Women who ask you to play truth or dare or some kind of psychological game are actually in the mode of trying to find out something about you through these games.

If they invite you to play virtual games even before you both meet and it turns out that these games have sort of a trap that would require you to share personal information that you’re not ready to share, don’t date her.

  1. Talks About Her Strange Financial Issues

This could be scammers and if she talks about her strange financial issues on dating apps even before the both of you have gone on the first date, don’t date her. This could very well be a plan to extort money from you and this is how love scammers operate.

  1. Invites To Her Family Events

If somebody is inviting you to family events for a first date, don’t date her. She could very well be using you as a plus one just to avoid answering questions from relatives. Or probably this could also be a trap whereby she is going to emotionally blackmail you by saying that her family members have known you and she is serious about you. She probably does this to rope you into a relationship even before you are ready for it.

  1. Starts Crying and Emotional Dumping

There is a fine line between being vulnerable and emotional dumping on new partners. If a girl that you just started talking to starts crying and being all emotional over texts or phone calls before you meet her, these are signs that she is not emotionally available and she needs to go through a healing process. She is not going to be a healthy partner for you if she is reliant emotionally on you. It could also be a rebound stage where she is not over her past relationship yet. She could say things like “no one wants to date me” to seek your sympathy.

How To Reduce Dating Fatigue As A Man?

  1. Don’t Take People You Don’t Know Seriously

It can be difficult to come across weird people when you are dating. However, you should remember that you’re not supposed to take people that you don’t know yet seriously. This is not to say that you’re not supposed to invest in the process of dating or even getting to know people. This is to say that until and unless you have met someone a few times and you have established some level of emotional connection, do not really take rejections or ghosting seriously because this is going to discourage you from dating.

  1. Do Multi-Dating Until You Both Are Exclusively Dating

So, are you on dating apps? Don’t date her if you find her strange and confusing. Instead, what you can do is to date a few people at the same time in order to reduce your emotional dependency on someone. This also gives you more time to vet through people rather than dating one by one because it’s going to take a longer time for you to find your partner.

  1. Uphold Chivalry But Don’t Lose Your Sense of Self 

I know that it is expected of men to be courteous and make the first move in order to court a woman because men who understand the importance of courtship will try to impress and do their best while dating. It is okay to uphold chivalry but don’t lose your sense of self along the process. You are not required to be nice to women who are not reciprocating your efforts. A huge part of dating involves knowing when to stop putting in the effort.


Is it OK not to date someone?

If you have chosen not to date actively, that is perfectly fine because many people choose not to date because they are focusing on their career or maybe even the asexual and they do not need a romantic partner to fulfill their lives.

How to tell a girl you don’t want to date her?

You could choose to tell her the nice way by saying that you’ve had a good time getting to know her but you think that you both are not compatible. However, if you opt to choose to tell her directly, you can tell her that you are not interested in her romantically and you don’t think that things could work out between you. Whatever you choose, always remember to be kind and consider the other person’s emotions.

How to say I don’t date?

You could inform them that you are not interested in dating at the moment or maybe even tell them that you think they are nice to talk to but you do not have a romantic interest or love intention towards them.

How do you say no to a date?

You could be thankful but also honest at the same time by elaborating your no a little bit by saying that you’ve had a good time getting to know them but you don’t think that the both of you are compatible or that you felt a connection with them to move forward. A simple and direct no will always be hurtful because it shows that you’re not considering the other person’s emotions.

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