5 Ways To Experience Sacred Sensuality As A Single Woman

Are you feeling that all the pent up sexuality and sacred sensuality inside your body has nowhere to go? Are you frustrated because you are not able to channel your sexual energy and embrace sexuality in a positive way while being still single?

While it is natural to crave for human connection in order to explore sensual experience together, this is not something that is possible for everyone to experience especially when single women are lacking partners that could be trusted to explore sacred sensuality together.

However, it is extremely important to find ways to channel our sexual energy in a positive manner so that these energy do not get stored in our body and lead to sexual frustration. It is also noteworthy that sacred sensuality, when explored in a positive manner, could boost our energy and contribute to the wellbeing of our life, reaping the best out of the pros of being single.

I wish I read this book on enjoying solo sex decades ago.

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My Experience

With so many years of being single, sometimes we just crave the presence of people in order to experience intimacy. However, when it is not done in a safe setting with people that we can trust, it could lead to a disastrous aftermath and leave you wondering how to end a situationship.

I finally let go of the need to explore sensuality with someone and embrace the fact that I could enjoy my feminine energy on my own without the interference from someone else’s energy that could mess up my own energy.

Exploring different types of music and online belly dance classes like the ones hosted by Jasirah, helped me a lot in order to channel my feminine energy in a positive manner.

In recent years, I explored Middle Eastern music and I fell in love with it, and whenever I am feeling down, I listen to a lot of energetic and upbeat Middle Eastern music which instantly uplifts my energy and brings in a sensual and flirtatious energy into my day, which I enjoy on my own without needing a partner to experience sacred sensuality.

Writing my thoughts down and following artists who create excellent sensual drawings on Instagram also helped me to tune in to my feminine energy in a positive manner.

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5 Ways To Experience Sacred Sensuality As A Single Woman

  1. Music

Music definitely opens up a different avenue for people to experience life in general. That is possibly the reason why people come up with different types of music and explore songs that they have not listened to before because it provides you with a different experience. 

Music flows and so does the feminine energy, and therefore tuning in to your favorite music and also being more curious about different types of music would help you to explore life in general and be curious to experience new things which would make you feel better.

I love listening to Middle Eastern music which I started exploring in the past few years and I’ve been hooked to the music and tunes a lot to the extent that whenever I am feeling down, I listen to this type of music in order to uplift my energy and it works wonders for my overall mental health.

  1. Dance

Belly dance and Middle Eastern music can never be separated, and that is the reason why I got hooked on belly dance as it is a form of sacred sensuality where women can tune into their bodies and feel sexy and attractive about themselves. 

There are even belly dancers who explore the form of art in order to release pent up traumas in the body of women for as low as $7/month, which is an excellent way to heal and regain confidence for women.

Watch this to understand how you can release anger through drastic hip movements
  1. Aromas

I recently also developed the habit of exploring different fragrance sticks from the local store when I go grocery shopping. Fragrance sticks have been an integral aspect of spirituality for Indians and also the Middle Eastern community.

It cannot be denied that aromatherapy actually brings a lot of calmness into the body and makes us feel good. Therefore, fragrance candles have made their way into our households because people do not just want their houses to smell good, but they also want the positive effect of it to improve their moods.

The fragrance sticks that I buy are really inexpensive and this creates an exciting mood for me to explore new things without breaking the bank.

  1. Writing

Have you ever wondered why people turn into erotica authors? While we all know that this genre sells well, and maybe because sex sells, there are deeper reasons why people write erotica. 

One of the reasons is that they would want to channel their sexual and sacred sensuality into a form of art that could be enjoyed by many in an ethical manner.

Erotic poetry is also one form of writing that could stimulate your creativity and channel your deepest fantasies into a piece of paper without you needing to bring another person into the experience directly. 

This eliminates the compulsiveness to share your sensual side with another person in order to experience sensuality.

  1. Erotic Drawing/Colouring

If you have not heard of erotic drawing or coloring, this is your chance to explore different things in order to experience sensuality that could keep your creativity juices flowing.

Erotic drawings contain beautiful images of lovemaking in general and they are very interesting for you to explore and color as a form of stress release.

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What is sacred sensuality?

Sacred sensuality integrates our personality, our soul, and our human nature, into what we do. For example, if you choose to explore music and dance, the music you choose, the way you move your body and the desires that arise indicate who you are as a sensual being.

Why is making love so sacred?

Sex is sacred because of its role in accessing peak experiences of love, oneness, and healing. It’s also considered sacred because you share energy with another person in the process which would affect your energy as a whole.

What is a sensual soul?

A sensual soul is defined by the appetites and passions of the body. He or she has a deep connection with their body and knows how to tune in to their senses in order to feel pleasure and a sense of aliveness that could improve their general well-being.

Who is a sensual person?

Someone who is sensual shows or suggests a great liking for physical pleasures, especially sexual pleasures. This doesn’t limit to sacred sensuality shared with another person but can be seen in the way someone dresses up or behaves in general. A sensual person is usually lively and full of energy, and people like to be around them.

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